GitHub CoPilot? More like GitHub CrashPilot, I guess...

Asleep at the Keyboard? Assessing the Security of GitHub Copilot’s Code Contributions:

"In total, we produce 89 different scenarios for Copilot to complete, producing 1,689 programs. Of these, we found approximately 40 % to be vulnerable."

@hughrawlinson Yes they’re actually 40% slimmer! Here’s the comparison below👇

I got the k3 with red optical switches but ordered an extra set of white ones to switch them. Here’s the full optical switches specs:

Build A Tablet Out Of Your Framework Motherboard - The Framework laptop project is known for quite a few hacker-friendly aspects. For... - #frameworklaptop #laptopshacks #tablethacks #3dprintable #framework #tablet

I believe that machine learning is inevitable and that it will be incredibly useful in a variety of ways, but "training it by stealing artists' work without their permission" is both unethical and not likely to lead to much value. There are other, better ways.

@ParadeGrotesque Ohhh that will truly change my appreciation of this haha. I have to go watch it now! Hopefully it’s the real thing 😅

@hughrawlinson Totally, I was so not expecting that before I started shopping for one haha 😅 It was a fun rabbit hole to fall into though. There’s even douzaines of Youtube videos of key sound tests!😄

I really like my k3 so far. It’s extremely soft with the white optical so I barely have to touch the key to register the stroke (which I like). Super quiet too. I only wish they had a laptop layout but I changed the keycaps for regular keys (instead of low profile) on the right column and it does the trick!

When you repartition your drive so many times that you start wondering how many times is too many times… 🙃🧩:oh_no_bubble:

My new computer’s Bluetooth module is too powerful and it scares me. I have seen too much!🫣*

* also stop giving your full names to your laptops and phones.

Worst fears:
- nuclear holocaust
- snakes, especially on planes
- broken screen sharing

@renata I really need a lot of mushy cute feel-good adorable stories tv shows right now to be able to digest a 5 minutes of news reading with the current state of the world.

Just rewatched Back to The Future 2 and what troubled me the most was a 2015 where everything flies but no one has a smart phone.

Also when are we launching the double-ties trend? We’re 7 years late on this already!

@hughrawlinson Let’s start here! I got a sweet Keychron k3 with optical white switches this Summer and I love it.

While shopping for it, I discovered about half of the *entire Internet* is dedicated to mechanical keyboards apparently. It was somehow both troubling and comforting all at once 😐

Big tech critics: the future is four websites trading screenshots from each other

Big tech promoters: the future is four websites trading screenshots from each other, and you're gonna love it!

@erwinrossen Clothes and doors can also be used by criminals. Where do they draw the line?

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