Pudding keycaps!*
*in a very weird arrangement!

By the way if you are looking for a super soft no resistance pretty quiet low profile mechanical keyboard, the Keychron K3 optical with Keychron’s optical white switches is doing the job pretty well so far 👍
Also typing on always-on rainbows! 🌈:partyparrot:

Ok! Laptop all filled with sweet parts now!:awesome:

What ports config to start with?🤔

I think I’m going start with 3x USB-C and 1x USB-A for now. Aww the pleasure of true choice 😌✨

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Placing back the cables for the WiFi antenna properly was the “trickiest” part but was still pretty easy. Well, we’ll see if I get a validating :rss: later on… the instructions were very well done: twitter.com/frameworkputer/sta

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The Laptop has switches for the camera and microphone! Now that’s certainly a deal-maker to me! :110: ❤️

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OK! It is Saturday.
I have the day off.
Let the fun begins with this new laptop! ✨🛠:awesome: 🛠✨

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Look at this little beauty I just got in the mail! Can't wait to put it together! ✨🛠 :awesome: 🛠✨

You are moving the gears in my nerdy heart !⚙️💚

So, I just ran Tails 5.0 on my 14-years old macbook that is now macless. Seems to run fine so far!

And I mean, as much as I am mad at Apple right now, I still can’t help but feeling in awe of all the computer escapades this hardware has survived in 14 years.

I sure hope my next laptop will stay alive that long!

Stupid joke: 

Just saw this on Amazon and I’m just SO relieved this super GIANT dog seems friendly 🙃

This is my pet Lucy.

Lucy is in great need of a Blahåj-Dentist because I only wear black clothes... and I love cuddling Lucy.

Sorry Lucy 😬🖤

I’ve resurrected an old pal tonight. It’s a teenager now! 🛹 + :ubuntu: +🍎

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