Even if Elon doesn't end up buying Tw*tter I am staying here.

I love it here. It feels like home. I have found a family 💚

@Em0nM4stodon i mean, jack dorsey is into cryptocurrency, so even without musk, twitter is still run by a massive tosspot

@Em0nM4stodon same but it is not about personal well-being, if he buys it, it can have consequences that are cruel, especially for USians

@Em0nM4stodon Didn't know you also were on mastodon! ✨ it sure does feel like home here.

@Em0nM4stodon Mastodon just has a different vibe and community, worth giving it a good go!

@david Agreed! It is quite delightful so far. I wish I had moved here earlier! 🥰🐘

@Em0nM4stodon Moving here after the big social media platforms has been like moving to a small countryside village after having lived in one of those small flats in Hong Kong where nobody knows you live there.

Please do. Many of us are talking about important things that tend to get lost in the planetary waste water that Twitter has (largely) become.

@Em0nM4stodon Now that I’m on here for the second time, I realize this doesn’t feel like social media to me. And that’s a beautiful thing.

@Em0nM4stodon Yeah; I decided not to wait to see what happens with the sale and just went ahead and closed my Twitter account today. I was tired of it anyway, and it'll still be centralized and vulnerable to this sort of thing whether he buys it or not in the end

@Em0nM4stodon I mostly used the event as an excuse to try out other platforms rather than making a full jump right away, but the community around here's so much nicer I've largely stopped using Twitter anyway

@Em0nM4stodon Same. Twitter is a cesspool regardless of who owns it. The clout chasing is poison.

@Em0nM4stodon I'm apparently in a weird centrist place of being on both. Then again I am bad at community. I just feel safer here. Although on a more surface level I keep seeing all the #caitvi #timebomb #lightcannon and #jayvik content on twitter and I'm like hmmmmm. For some reason I just don't want to leave twitter. :P I will be staying here as well. I'm still on twitter till September though but after that point i don't care, never going back to visit again.

@logan @Em0nM4stodon i only have a twitter account to look at porn people link me to I have a twitter account because i HAD a Facebook account and twitter was better than Facebook and at the time i wasn't aware of this current option.

but now i am so ya

@Em0nM4stodon I love it here too! Not just because people are much more thoughtful towards each other and are so much nicer but also because I don't want to stick with a huge place that felt like a monopoly before I realised that Masto exists. I was even looking for Twitter alternatives but hadn't found it.

@Giagia Same. I even recently tried to go back to IRC but that didn't go well. At. All. Haha 😅

@Em0nM4stodon It's amazing to see all the various reasons people have left there to come over here over the years, and the one reason everyone stays.

@Em0nM4stodon Got booted off Twitter after only using it for 3 months or so. Never signed up until April 2020 and then booted for no apparent reason because they never explain do they? Not going back either.

@Em0nM4stodon Although my Twitter was highly curated (170k blocked accounts) and thus quite a pleasant place, I have had more fruitful and inspiring engagements in the weeks here than I have had in years on Twitter. Feels more like the kind of communities that was on G+ than the endless doomscrolling of Twitter.
But I'll keep some Lists for News/Updates over there because I haven't found all those sources here.

@Em0nM4stodon same, tbh
I've been avoiding twitter and it feels better this way

I haven’t yet found a lot of reasons to get back on a regular basis. What’s your approach on finding stuff you like/are interested in @Em0nM4stodon?

@secupriv That's an excellent question! I was wondering about that too recently and posted the toot linked below. Some people suggested using and , which I thought was a great idea! I also check regularly:

Thanks @Em0nM4stodon, so #til the MO is #tagsearching, which makes sense of course. I’ll give it a go.

@Em0nM4stodon yeah I moved here bc of that (bc that's when ppl started frantically posting alternatives) but I just like it better here now

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