Mozilla Google budget screaming 

Something is just wrong here... Mozilla just extended its deal with Google (making it the numero uno search engine) for something like 400 million dollars PER YEAR. For the next three years.

That is 1.2 BILLION dollars from 2020 to 2023.

If you cannot run a freaking NON-PROFIT on 400 MILLION dollars PER YEAR that means:

a) You are paying your executives too much.
b) You don't know how to manage a non-profit.
c) All of the above.

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@ParadeGrotesque @_xhr_

Mozilla employees must be paid *really* well if 400m per year is not enough to pay 1000 of them..

I hope the remaining employees organize and force the entire corrupt management responsible for this to leave the company (and ideally re-hire the fired developers, as far as they're still available).


Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@ParadeGrotesque @_xhr_
It's also remarkable that Google pays >1 billion dollars to a browser company with <5% market share.
Is this just because they're so friendly?
Or do they think this is cheaper than mozilla going bankrupt and them potentially getting into anti-trust trouble?

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