This is a note to people moving their repositories blindly to do you know Google is actually a huge investor in Gitlab?

The issue is not about Microsoft buying Github. The issue is about centralization and silos.

You do not solve that by moving your data from one silo to another.

You solve that by relying on small providers you can trust, or by becoming a provider yourself.

@eliotberriot .......and we need to setup a tool/protocol to manage identities in that way, using some kind of federation, so that sharing could be as easy as with those silo.

@beaufils Yeah, it's a huge part of the problem. Distributing identities and authorization is hard, to say the least :/


@eliotberriot @beaufils OAUTH?

Anyway, without being able to create a pull request from one instance to another, self-hosted gitlab (or whatever) instances are no workable replacement for contralized platforms like github, where basically everyone already has an account and can easily contribute to other projects hosted there

BTW, gitlab has an open issue for this:

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