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Mastodon, are there any 3d printing specific instances?

This shit is fucking unacceptable, I've told them multiple times and even written put together a document for them on what is and isn't acceptable fucking SEO

How would I safely open up a raspberry pi to the internet?

It's fucked up that "maybe some things should just exist to beneft society and not make money" is such a controversial idea.

Does anyone use Sainsmart products? Are they safe/reliable?

Bloody hell, just noticed the typos. Fuel lice 🤣 that was supposed to say duel licence

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How would I fuel lice the repo for one of my websites? The code should be os but the content is a whole other matter since it's based on my own story telling

Every morning when I wake up, my lips taste fucking horrific

I need a new mastodon app for android, fedilab just isn't cutting it for notifications. Often arriving hours later

i swear arduino ide is stupid, instead of just telling me which required file is missing, tell me which fucking library it's from

I'll be glad at the end of the year when we finally migrate to megento

The main difference I've found between Twitter and mastodon is that I can ask for help here and get it from genuinely friendly people as opposed to Twitter where you either get ignored or snark

I need to figure out how to add an rss feed to my site

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