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I need a new mastodon app for android, fedilab just isn't cutting it for notifications. Often arriving hours later

i swear arduino ide is stupid, instead of just telling me which required file is missing, tell me which fucking library it's from

I'll be glad at the end of the year when we finally migrate to megento

The main difference I've found between Twitter and mastodon is that I can ask for help here and get it from genuinely friendly people as opposed to Twitter where you either get ignored or snark

I need to figure out how to add an rss feed to my site

Wow, so much drama in the Twitter 3d printing community these last 2 days

I've never used JS, I've never understood it, I should probably try to learn it

Everyone stop what you're doing and go to and type 121g into the parts search

how's this for a needlessly complicated dating system 18/Rallan/ERA-53::1801 days, months, era, years. every 10,000 years the year resets to 0001 and the era increments by 1

Is is possible to create custom elements/commands in markdown? So if I did something like >/SomeTextHere it would style it a certain way?

I should probably create an about page so that anyone who lands on the meika project understands wtf is going on 🤣

user agent style sheet, is that the browser adding styles?

is there any way to remove the period after a number in an ordered list?

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