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Wow, so much drama in the Twitter 3d printing community these last 2 days

I've never used JS, I've never understood it, I should probably try to learn it

Everyone stop what you're doing and go to and type 121g into the parts search

how's this for a needlessly complicated dating system 18/Rallan/ERA-53::1801 days, months, era, years. every 10,000 years the year resets to 0001 and the era increments by 1

Is is possible to create custom elements/commands in markdown? So if I did something like >/SomeTextHere it would style it a certain way?

I should probably create an about page so that anyone who lands on the meika project understands wtf is going on 🤣

user agent style sheet, is that the browser adding styles?

is there any way to remove the period after a number in an ordered list?

Anyone familiar with eleventy ? I need to figure out how to reverse the post list so oldest posts show first

UK folks, any suggestions for a wifi enabled printer between 200 250 quid?

also, is it possible to use a font icon as a favicon?

I'm curious, is the a univeral symbol or some such for A.I? A.I research?#

managed to fix that css issue, had to switch to margin left right auto

Seriously pastebin?! locking nightmode, which really should be considered an accessibility feature. behind a fucking paywall? Fuck you

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