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So apparently I’ve had double vision for the last 30 years and not even realised it until recently 🤪🤣

Well shit, I’ve lost 4 whole pants sizes since starting keto

Opinions please, what’s the best iOS app for mastodon?

@galaxis I usually use inspect element in chrome to delete all the code that pertains to blocking adblock it usually works pretty well

@mynamesleon the fucking draft dodger shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a DDay celebration

Please, for the love of whatever non-existent or otherwise god(s), can we NOT end up with the idiotic bumbling blonde baboon that is Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister. Please.

@SuperFloppies bloody hell, it may have a heartbeat but at that stage it doesn't even have the beginnings of a brain

@signalstation Kids these days don't seem to realize that there's a whole other world out there.

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