@ashfurrow it seems to be some kind of grounding issue, I wander if switching to a shielded cable would help

So resting palm on the macbook's body seems to eradicate the issue, hmm grounding issue of some kind? Maybe I need a new charger

So My Macbook Pro has some serious trackpad lag while plugged into the mains power, surely this can't be the same issue that @ashfurrow was having with his bluetooth mouse ? any ideas anyone?

S0 I have a curiosity. Since Apple is transitioning to an Arm architecture, is it likely that it might be possible to hackintosh other Arm based devices?

@bouncinglime @marlfuchs@snouts.online @bunnyjane pretty much, we’re neither in nor out. We have our own government, which is both a blessing and a curse. When the uk was still part of the eu they had a two way where’s we were stuck with a one way door. We had all of the bullshit and non of the benefits

@marlfuchs@snouts.online @bouncinglime @bunnyjane
I know right, unless we have any exemptions all we really have to do is tell them how much we earned. But still, it’s a pain in the ass.

@bouncinglime @bunnyjane @marlfuchs@snouts.online
Not every part of the UK, here in the Channel Islands, we still have to do that shot manually 😤

The amazing people on this instance make me and my limited HTML/CSS knowledge feel dumb by comparison 😂

I don’t know why I bought a dot monster domain, now to figure out what to do with it 🤪😂

@LargeNovelty there have been so many times I’ve wished I could say this to a customer 😂

@shadowfacts ahh that’s a shame, I’d probably use mastodon a lot more if it was possible

@schestowitz@pleroma.site I’ve finally gotten around to taking a look, have you considered making it a little more mobile friendly?

@shadowfacts I’ll be happy if there’s a widget to post straight from the home screen

@ashfurrow ahh nice, thanks. The only issue I see there is having to crawl under the desk to plug a usb in 😂

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