installing it the usual way, cd in to the dir and run npm install like I've done on all my other machines

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@robjloranger I probably need to add a different node repo, it says the one in raspian is already up to date
sudo apt-get upgrade nodejs
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
nodejs is already the newest version (8.11.1~dfsg-2~bpo9+1).
Calculating upgrade... Done


You will have to change repos, or you can try nvm and install the version you need. But would have to remember to run nvm use 10.15 each time you open a new shell and want to run 11y.

I personally use nvm, it makes working with different node projects easier. You can use an .nvmrc in the root of your project to set the version to use.

Its pretty easy, npm install -g nvm.

Then nvm install 10.15.1, or whatever version you want.

They install in the current users home. Then if you run nvm use 10.15 any npm commands use that node version.

You might have noticed my shorthand the second time. You can use versions like 10 = latest starting at 10.x, 10.15 = 10.15.x latest etc in all commands with nvm

@robjloranger like this ? pi@Maggie-Mae:~ $ sudo nvm install npm 10.15
This is not the package you are looking for: please go to

You won't need sudo, just to install the tool. Then nvm should work. But sorry I forgot its an install script. I think nvm is available in Ubuntu repos but not sure what your pi runs.

Oh, and there it would be `nvm install {version}` no need for the npm part. It installs the node and npm pair.

@robjloranger yup, installed and running on the pi, I can also access the browersync of localhost over the internet using port 8080. not sure if it's secure but as it's only serving html files it should be fine???

@robjloranger maybe not, odd. it was working fine when I had octoprint on it for my 3d printer

@robjloranger i'll need to figure out how to open the port from the pi, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, my eyes are burning right now

Networking is hard. I wish we all just got a static IP to our homes. We need ipv6 already

@robjloranger tell me about it, thing is I had it working like this last year, I had octoprint installed on the pi hooked up to my 3d printer, I could access it from the public internet so I'm not sure why it's not working now

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