How would I fuel lice the repo for one of my websites? The code should be os but the content is a whole other matter since it's based on my own story telling

Bloody hell, just noticed the typos. Fuel lice 🤣 that was supposed to say duel licence

@DigitalMisfit if you're using static templating and all of the content is in one folder, you could use a submodule to store them in a different repo like I've done for


@DigitalMisfit if all of your posts are in one folder, then yes; you just need to remember to fetch the submodule (`git submodule init` / `git submodule update`) before building the site.

@DigitalMisfit Actually law is not code. You can do:

1. Code samples on GPL
2. Post text on XXXX.

PS. I'm not a lawyer ;)

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