I've never used JS, I've never understood it, I should probably try to learn it

@DigitalMisfit In some distant ways it reminds me of the good ole C.
Off course, it's nothing of the sort.

And the modern JS is a totally crazy thing compared to what we had until like 5-6 years ago.

@DigitalMisfit JS at the moment is the best it's ever been, in that it can be used on the server (NodeJS), and there are loads of tools and frameworks to make your life easier with it. But at the same time it's the biggest mess it's ever been! Learning to use a certain frameworks is to learn the way that framework thinks things should be done, and so many tools just die off shortly after becoming popular. It's still maturing; worth learning, but can be a bit of a maze.

I had a look last night, and it's as confusing to me now as it was way back when 🤣

@DigitalMisfit JS is the main language I work with. It's as good a language as any to learn the fundamentals - loops, conditionals, switches, etc. - but it's easy to get a bit bewildered by it because it's used so broadly now. Just start with some simple things. E.g. write some code that grabs elements on a page, then loop through them, and maybe bind a click event to them that does something like toggling a class name that causes a style change.

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