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So resting palm on the macbook's body seems to eradicate the issue, hmm grounding issue of some kind? Maybe I need a new charger

So My Macbook Pro has some serious trackpad lag while plugged into the mains power, surely this can't be the same issue that @ashfurrow was having with his bluetooth mouse ? any ideas anyone?

S0 I have a curiosity. Since Apple is transitioning to an Arm architecture, is it likely that it might be possible to hackintosh other Arm based devices?

The amazing people on this instance make me and my limited HTML/CSS knowledge feel dumb by comparison 😂

I don’t know why I bought a dot monster domain, now to figure out what to do with it 🤪😂

So apparently I’ve had double vision for the last 30 years and not even realised it until recently 🤪🤣

Well shit, I’ve lost 4 whole pants sizes since starting keto

Opinions please, what’s the best iOS app for mastodon?

Please, for the love of whatever non-existent or otherwise god(s), can we NOT end up with the idiotic bumbling blonde baboon that is Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister. Please.

back in my day we didn't have social media

you wanted a stranger to give you some positive feedback you had to walk along the train tracks gathering sodee bottles and distribute 'em to the rail-bums who knew how to get cash for 'em and they'd give you half a dirty playing card you'd hide in a tree house and while you was up there thinking about life, some soldier back from the war would see you out their window from the room they scream in and they'd give you a thumbs up

just like that

question I'm looking for a linux tablet, not android based. suggestions please?


installing it the usual way, cd in to the dir and run npm install like I've done on all my other machines

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