Ok. To catch up, I was stroking out at my job, and using mastodon as a sort of journal into this someone's last chaotic moments, and upon my last dying breath reveal my identity so that my story can be properly told. Tl;dr... stroke, fired, drop foot diagnosis, left foot paralyzed, new job! Lasts a year, fired, new job, lasts 1 week, fired, still at new job. How the fuck am I still alive? Btw, I firmly believe each firing was not my fault and I'm fully prepared to explain... anyways... I live :)

I had a stroke at my desk, and my boss Kavita fucking Sharma put me on a 30 day improvement plan because I left my desk during assigned hours to find help

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So i had to call my wife and say " be careful, we only have 4 dollars til friday" and she got really pissed off. But i didnt have the nerve to tell her that we only have 4 dollars because i spent it on her birthday today. I can't even get my new blood thinner prescriptions. Im totally gonna drop dead at work.

So yea, i got fired today and im handling it much better than i thought i would. Im not passed out drunk or dead in a ditch. I at least have the clarity of mind to post this for strangers to read. Please again consider sending some sort of positive energy my way. Im trying to stay alive for my kid.

My kids tooth fell out and he was so excited, i didn't have the guts to tell him that my teeth have been falling out constantly lately cuz I didn't wanna shit on his growing moment. Comes with weight loss, extreme hypertension, chronic insomnia and Olympic level, world class depression. I could probably pull one out now, in fact, but he's only 11.

So once again if you're just recently following... I had a good job as a security engineer my performance was subpar and I got fired which is okay in some respects however I'm also undergoing some pretty major health problems, some things just don't get better, I will always walk with a cane now every cough or sneeze I have I always think in the back of my head is this the one that's going to cause my brain to explode

I'm sorry if anyone needlessly worried about me since I stopped checking in daily, forgot my mastodon password and didn't look back.

Every day I'd use this as a journal of my demise, I literally thought I was going to drop dead at my desk, and I was live tooting the entire thing right here for everyone to see

Wellness canary update: it's been a few years. Whole I am in a better place, I still struggle finding myself

My friends, and I don't say that lightly, let's hope 2018 will be better than 2017, we know what -not- to do by now yes? Status:alive, see you next time

Status:alive, and I don't think I need to do this anymore now that I'm jobbed up. I'm sure I will return once drama comes back. Maybe I will check in once a week instead. Thanks for bearing with me. For now, there's no need to vent here. I'm alive.

Status:alive, waiting on interview results. As per usual, I expect delays.

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