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Hey I’m sure plenty of you know, love and cherish @cruelintestines as much as I do. They’re in an awful situation right now cos our government are trying to kill people with a new benefits system. They have a council tax bill hanging over their head and I’d like to at least go some way to remove that worry so anything you can give would help immensely

you, a reasonable human being: software is really bad, wow. maybe developers should try harder?

me, a software developer, shivering with anxiety, sublime text open with twelve projects: I M T R Y I N G

@hankg This reminded me of this. Posted on our internal jobs Slack Channel.😀

Made the fatal error of upgrading Xcode on my work MacBook during work hours. 1 hour later and upgrade still in progress 😫 . Fan is going crazy and machine is running like a ten year old windows laptop. Forgot how painful upgrading XCode is!

@jwkicklighter. I dunno? I kinda like being part of something that he doesn't even know exists.

Nice to be somewhere where Donald Trump doesn't have an account. 😉. Please tell me he doesn't have an account?!

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