me: excuse me sir, mastodon is a decentralized and federated social network and most of the major instances have blocked gab

VICE editor: * exhales massive blast of lound * what

Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

List of gab instances

Do boost and block.
Nazi dont need a platform and certainly not ours

Possibly something to do with the Twitter Storm which started at the same time as it went down? is the hashtag.

Noam Chomsky on the US attempt to extradite Assange: "But why should the United States have the power to control wh…

Checking out a NASA planetary mission that may not make it there before I die. #Titan #Dragonfly

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


I really appreciate the support. Have a great day everyone!

love 2 code, just fucken... love it. declaring variables, implementing, functions? yeah it's great it's the best

This is an eye opener...

The rise of the extreme far-right in Britain - BBC Newsnight

The former head of the Metropolitan Police's counter terrorism unit is warning the extreme right-wing is on the rise in Britain and we "haven't woken up" to ...

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