Took some time, but now my Postfix+Dovecot setup should properly support two domains simultaneously.
The second domain is IPv6 only (I simply only have one IPv4 address available, and don't want to bother getting a second one really).

Now to start migrating away from

This doesn't make sense. For passdb Dovecot suggests driver=pam if userdb driver is set to passwd or static.

On the other hand, they write:
"userdb handles this by doing a passdb lookup instead. This works with most passdbs, with PAM being the most notable exception."

Anyways, finally got my PKGBUILD for nginx-quic working and cleaned up. Should I upload it to the AUR?

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Alsp turns out that the flag that kept me from compiling boringssl and thus nginx-quic was "-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2"

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CPPFLAGS is not compiler flags for C++, but PreProcessor flags (for C and C++). Instead, there's CXXFLAGS for C++ compiler flags.

Whoe came up with this crap?

Of course. When you want to look up some settings to help someone getting auto-resize to work in QEMU/virt-manager, it stops working for you...

Release asset triggers some false positive generic "AI" malware rule in Windows' AV.

User: "GitHub must have been hacked!"

Chromium browsers account for 50% of DNS root server traffic due to some stupid NXDOMAIN interjection check, which is indistinguishable from DDoS.

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From the Just Fancy That! dept:

"Former ICANN CEO is now a co-CEO of the private equity firm that tried to buy .org"

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