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@fennifith @DMN @ashfurrow Totally agreed on whoever is willing to host such services for the community deserves a big thank you.

Another open problem: Is a pure-javascript 402Receipts client possible?

The basic idea is that a "trusted" party would host the javascript, and _that_ js, served at _that_ address, would have access to its own secure user-data no matter which site it was requested from.

Depending how dynamic Wallets end up being, maybe the only thing that would need to be stored in that "database" would be credentials for connecting to the Wallet. But I think it'll be better for the wallet to be flatter than the client.

A lot of free and non-track-you-and-data-mine-you-to-hell software on the internet::
A. Refuses to implement features that would make usage skyrocket.

B. See that just because a solution already exists means it doesn't have usage flaws.

C. Caters to technical experts, rather than focusing on a user-friendly experience of non-technical folks.

And this is why Google and Facebook win.

The big hurdle right now is figuring out a portable, partially blind, signature scheme for receipts.

This account will be DMN's principal brand presence on Mastodon. For the next couple months you can mostly expect news and discussion of the 402-Receipts standard:

Everything's still quite up in the air. A lot of usage details will vary from one implementation to another, and there are some implementation details that need to be standardized right away. Let us know if you'd like to get involved!

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