I know I bang on about this a lot but there is a surprising number of people who are not aware of their vaccination history and may not be covered. If you're at all unsure, ask your doctors surgery to look at your records and find out if you have any missing that can be given as an adult. I was told I was covered by some by family (mmr, tetanus etc) but not others, it turned out the only one I've had in my life was tetanus.


Story from an American friend:
When they were a child and supposed to be getting vaccinations for everything, their family was dirt-poor, living in a cabin in the woods. Parent's weren't _opposed_ to vaccinations, they just didn't have the cash or credit to visit a doctor. But obviously the school required that kids be vaccinated (this wasn't political back then) So the father, a nursing-student and an EMT, quietly and confidently forged the vaccination records.

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@DMN that's awful, both the lack of being able to get them and the forging. It's a public health matter, it should be freely available

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