I just found my mastodon account. So yeah. I forgot a lot of things.

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Update: Spotify is better. Website works fine, linux desktop app somewhat works and for raspberry pi you can use spotifyd. Still it is very costy and it uses DRM. 😢

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This summer I have connected the shed to electricity, it works like charm.

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Liberapay Slovak translation only 5796 words to go.

Oh boys. I tried to get data from cracked in a half audio cd. Guess what happended? (Yes it exploded)

I really want to implement JSON REST API functionality into my microframework. But the authentification agh...

Writing a document in Latex in first time is really painful.

I think I need to write a paper about MVCC before implementing it. Because I don't actually know what is for what and stuff.

I really need to rewrite my spotify-lyrics application from bash to another language. Maybe the rust is place to go to writing standalone application these days. Still the spotify authentification is pain.

Spotify autorization using bash is literally impossible :thonk:

My small rabbit broke her leg yesterday. Chances are she won't make it. 😢

I just thought about framework design pattern called MVCC - Model View-Component Controller
Component is a building block which view is built from. Every Component is just a an part of a website like header, menu, login form, footer or anything. Doesn't seem revolutionary but it's a level of abstraction which I am happy with.

Can JS be used as it was used back in jQuery days. Without worrying about nodejs and slow React application and having a dev team that doesn't know vanilla js and stuff?

I think mastodon is more personal than bird site. That's maybe me.

The Unix historical videos are quite nice. Simple things and so revolutionary.

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