Just started reading Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s second book (his first book Everbody Lies is excellent!). Any other tech book recommendations?

I’m reading a book by Miroslav Wolf and I’m finding it interesting that the right and left both employ the same tactics of exclusion for those who have a worldview they don’t accept - expulsion, assimilation (you must assimilate to me), indifference or abandonment.

@robyn I also use these slides in a lecture for my students before their final presentations at the end of the semester…

I'm going to try again to introduce the topic of Data2Vec (google to find the paper). It utilizes transformers which have revolutionized language processing (NLP) tasks. This is relevant because it was developed by a team from Facebook with the goal of turning all data (texts, videos, images, speech, etc) into vectors so they can analyze and build models. Imagine if I downloaded everything that you wrote, said, or posted on Mastodon and fed it to Data2Vec. Scary and interesting?

@CottonFields I don’t think there is any one best approach. The nice thing about the fediverse is that there is room for all kinds. I’ve taken a “benevolent dictator” approach where I set the rules based on the community I want to encourage, but I’m always open to (and I seek) feedback from users and my moderation team.

One problem with starting from no rules is that it attracts people who don’t like rules at all. IMO rules shape any community, so this doesn’t work for me.

My experience here led me to consider how social norms are formed in the fediverse. Some sites seem to be started with a “no rules” approach. However, as they evolve and mature, social norms emerge and people who are outside these norms are reported/punished. Is this the best approach or should norms/rules be developed up front and voted on by the users? However, the flaw here is that the majority opinion will rule and how do you also include minority voices? Thoughts & opinions?

I’m a university professor and joined Mastodon to compare to other social media sites. So far it’s not feeling very welcoming. For my second post, a troll accused me of placing a spam link in my post. It was actually a link to an academic paper. I’ll stay here a little longer but hopefully others will read my posts with positive intent and not just look for a chance to disparage a person with no grounds.

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