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I just saw someone use the @ sign to stand in for the word "at" in a sentence so they just be cross-posting from Twitter

inside of you there are two wolves, i hope you know how to operate mutexes because you have to program them in C

By the time covid is actually truly over I’ll have learned how to do statistics, huh?

"'Keep it on the DL'? I thought you said 'Keep it on the TL'!"

I was hoping to find software development principles that would apply across all languages and paradigms. Instead what I found was two fundamental ways to approach changing software.

Tonight the reason I'm going to have trouble falling asleep is that the Monkey Island 2 music is too mind-blowingly awesome.

Want to finish this blog post draft and too tired to do it 🥱

I'm not against people using Twitter or even cross-posting to fedi. But if you send a message on fedi addressing your followers as "Twitter" then—whoops!

Jira: "You're in a company-managed project."
Me: "Oh, I'm not in my personal Jira that I use for keeping track of my video game playthroughs?"

My dentist: You should use a softer toothbrush.
Also my dentist: Attacks my mouth with a steel pick.

bad android play store joke 

“I just published the build to the Alpha channel.”
“I can’t see it!”

All documented code is self-documenting code if you program in Self.

It specifically does not work for people who (1) use a computer instead of a phone, (2) already have a scanned copy of their driver's license, and (3) use a browser other than the phone standard.

Show thread is the most technologically advanced bad UX I can remember using.

masto meta 

one thing I hate about twitter is having zero control of your posts’ reach. it strips agency, flattens context, contributes to uncontrollable harassment in the service of “connection”. imo mastodon’s insistence on following the same value of maximization, removing any ability to foster small local community, is equally harmful. if decentralization is about control then why strip that at the individual and community level? it’s no better than twitter. glad to be on the hometown fork

It’s unimportant to them until it affects them

Tennessee GOP lawmaker David Byrd urges people to take covid-19 seriously after he spurned masks - The Washington Post

The only messaging app for kids I can find is quite expensive, so I might have to just make my own open-source one.

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