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p.s. And to make clear, third party apps on Mastodon have just as much access to the platform's features as the official apps.

Twitter restricts what third party apps can do, in order to promote their own app.

Mastodon does NOT restrict what third party apps can do, in fact it's practically impossible for Mastodon to ever have such restrictions because it's an open platform.

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My son's still learning to speak and pronounces F's as D's. Leads to gems like "dire truck" 🐺🚒 and "dorklift" 🤓🏋️

You, callous: "We can eliminate a whole class of bugs."

Actual photo of the class of bugs you want to eliminate:

@rauschma Squoosh has also a CLI version (squoosh-cli). Another popular CLI tool is ImageMagick, which supports AVIF out of the box.

On the topic of right-to-repair, if it hasn’t happened already, someone needs to do a blog post “Don’t Fear the Re-pair” 🎸

Bought a USB floppy drive and trying to get my 2021 Apple Silicon laptop running macOS Monterey to format a floppy to work with System 6, like I'm Captain Frickin America standing alone against all the assembled hordes of the past 35 years of technological progress.

Then there's the gamers who only play FIFA and the programmers who only use Excel for SUM()

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Hardcore gamers and casual gamers.

Hardcore programmers and casual programmers?

👨‍💻 Archived footage me using git blame to find the reckless developer who introduced this bug.

David Gerard: “If I get robbed and they force me to make a bank transfer, the bank can trace where the money has gone [...] You can reverse the transaction.
“With crypto, if I transfer it to my crypto wallet I’ve got your coins and you can’t get them back.”

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It was probably inevitable that I have yet another idea for a new HyperCard-inspired system. I think I have a way to approach it this time that doesn't require learning compiler theory before I begin.

i rly like mastodon. so many new people to talk to and everyone has been so welcoming with interactions, like it's devoid of the constant hostility usually associated with talking to strangers online

The trending hashtags on Mastodon are so much more peaceful. I feel the Earth is slightly less on fire.

I think I can adjust the shelves behind my desk so the SE can be in the backdrop of my video calls ❤️

Which is funny because I'm literally outside my front door right now anyway, so I shouldn't need to check. But the heart wants what it wants.

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Macintosh SE is scheduled to be delivered within 32 minutes and I plan on checking the tracking number in each of them.

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