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with keyboard cover running Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile (not ). Shown: OpenSmalltalk VM with .

In the background: Untidy living room table.

/CC: @PINE64

Replaying Crono Trigger on iPhone. I finished it and got all the alternate endings on DS, but didn't do all the bonus content. I've tried to restart it a few times but it hasn't stuck, but rereading the TVTropes it's getting me excited for a full replay.

Also the attacks land before I have time to catch up on my social media feed.

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Picked up the Castlevania Advance collection on Switch and I'm surprised how well Aria is holding up. It sure is nice not having to play connect-the-dots at the end of every boss battle.

Please mention or Wordle in your posts from it so I can mute them, thank you.

someone snapped a pic of the new USPS truck in the wild. It has so much fucking VISIBILITY

uspol, same old 

Every once in a while it sinks in that most elected Republicans are protecting the people who invaded the goddamned Capitol or, at best, looking the other way. Gotta teach this shit in school, folks, so kids don't think that is how things are supposed to work in a democracy.

"You gotta live your life, dude." COVID (2 of 2) 

A philosophy I have yet to hear in any of the countless interviews with people with severe and/or protracted cases. There are mostly of the I've-never-been-so-sick-get-vaccinated variety. Where are the folks on oxygen saying, "I almost died but, hey, you gotta live your life, right?"

"You gotta live your life, dude." COVID (1 of 2) 

On the COVID Caution Spectrum I'm probably an 11 out of 10. And fortunate in my circumstances so I can avoid unnecessary exposure. For the last two years I've listened as friends and family lectured me on the importance of not letting "some virus" control your life. "You gotta live your life, dude."


If Rust is so good why did I just have to spend five minutes sandpapering it off the pins of an IEC connector

's "destroy 5 targets in 3 minutes" might be the most generous "challenge" I've ever seen in a video game.

Was frustrated about something before bed and managed to remind myself about something else I'm frustrated about, so that doesn't bode well for getting to sleep. Have to focus on (1) forgiving and (2) not worrying about the consequences of the things.

Spelling it "Thieve's Guild" reflects an unfamiliarity with the written word that is hard for me to conceive.

I know my mental health is in a bad way when I start checking if my phone apps have updates

"It's better (for our business (because your private data is more easily accessible for us to surveil)) in the app"

Why is it called ? I've looked it up three times now and I'm sure I'll need to again.

Merriam-Webster defines "off-load" as "unload", and "unload" as "to give outlet to : pour forth", so maybe that's what it means? For 100 days you'll blog your thoughts?

When I hear "offload" what comes to my mind is the other definition of "unload:" "to relieve of something burdensome, unwanted, or oppressive." Like, I always think it means "100 days of simplifying your life."

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