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When I forked Metatext to hide the Federated timeline but keep Local, I was sure there was an iOS app that de-emphasized Federated. Turns out it was "Toot!" - it has a timeline on the bottom nav, and then from within it you can change Local to Federated. So effectively your preferred one is emphasized and the other is de-emphasized.

Me: *logs into"
LinkedIn: "It's better in the app."
Better in the app: "Grant access to your calendar." No visible option to say no. When I click the OS Deny button, app crashes.

I'm looking for employment where, every day as I go into work, I know my kids, when they are adults, will be aware of the benefit to them of my work. I am looking for a company working toward enduring impact that should still be clear 10 and 20 years from now.
If you can't live without foresight, and you could use a Linux/JVM/Postgres/Kotlin dev who can do pretty much anything given a minute to read the docs, please do reach out.

Proposal: Marvel Vs. Capcom, but a courtroom drama.

Thanos: "I... am inevitable."

Phoenix Wright: "OBJECTION!"

I just realized that when I use iOS voice control for dictation instead of the keyboard button, my music doesn't pause🎉

And dictating this post I realized you can dictate emoji by name 🎉🎉

birthdays are a good opportunity for you to reflect on the profound impact that being born has had on your life

The Wikimedia Foundation's Quality & Test Engineering team is hiring for a couple positions!

Test Engineer:

Software Engineering in Test:

Come work for a great team in a great organization doing great things for the world!

Boosts welcome/encouraged!

I'm not the hiring manager, but the hiring manager reports to me, so feel free to ask questions!

#jobs #floss #opensource

"Write what once went wrong."

(randomly popped into my head; cc @Archimage)

Another #RubyConf21 blog post. This time I’m giving an overview of where Ruby has been recently and where it’s going. I’d be curious if anyone has a different view on any points.

Some of the pigeons in the city have unlocked really cool alternative skins

Feels pretty great to be supporting independent software financially: Fastmail,, Talon voice control.

console.log debugging my setTimeout but fix. I have my account name for a reason

🔗 The Twelve-Factor App

Each time I come back to this doc I appreciate its advice even more.

I just remembered the time I had a nightmare that Peter Jackson had split the third part of The Hobbit into two parts and I was like "this man is drunk with power."

my dad told me a funny story about his first job offer... the person giving him the offer handed him an envelope with an offer letter. it was decent, but he'd gotten a higher offer elsewhere, and said so. so she pulled out another identical envelope except the number was higher. he almost wanted to ask how many envelopes she had, but just took the second offer. this was a few decades ago. the more things change, I guess...

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