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Got a response to my conference talk submission. It said "Weak Accept"

Some days Xcode updates without hanging and you're like "………I needed that today."

software engineering 

Demos Over Deadlines

> Estimates are worthless lies because software almost by definition is something that has never been built before — it’s digital, so if it had been built before, you could just install it and use it.

Five Oregonians Hospitalized After Taking Ivermectin For COVID

Succeeded in porting over all the main features of my side project to Expo, so now I have an iOS, Android, and web client out of the same codebase ❤️

Just saw "Dante" on a list of Disney characters and my brain was like

Of course, to accomplish this I need to *not think about programming* before bed, so I can actually sleep and be rested enough to work on it.

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I bet I can get all the features I use daily in my todo app reimplemented in Expo over the weekend. Then all that'll be remaining is visual fixed and edge case features. Very exciting.

According to browser stats, only nerds or people who have forgotten about their browser are using Firefox today - that’’s how I’d interpret the numbers.

And yet, the decision makers now come up with "let’s put advertisements right in the Awesome Bar / URL entry place”.

This will make Nerds angry. And the likelihood of any non-Firefox-user to say "whoa, that’s cool stuff, now I switch to Firefox" is … nonexistent.

What kind of plan is this?

Futurists got it wrong when they predicted that an AI devoted to maximizing paperclip production could destroy civilization in the single-minded pursuit of its goal.

Turns out it wasn't paperclips. It was engagement.

Found this note I wrote to myself three months ago. Can anyone relate?

My daughters are sleeping over at my parents' house. That means if my son sleeps in (50% chance) then I will be able to make a ton of Expo Web app progress in the morning 😃

The Misanthropic Principle: the universe has the perfect characteristics to develop intelligent lifeforms, but it'd be better if it didn't

I'll take the opportunity to once again link to this tweet from the former React project lead, which was incredibly freeing for me to read.

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Maybe it's privilege that I don't feel like I need to learn the latest JS and frontend stuff.

But if this helps anyone: you can create a great frontend app with React, create-react-app, and React-ecosystem libraries that have all been around for 3+ years.

Everything else can be safely ignored until a *real* need comes up or you you have mental space and are *excited* about trying something new.

You can pretty much ignore all marketing talk about how terrible X is and how revolutionary Y is.

react-native-paper-dates just blew my mind. Added it to package.json, dropped in one component, and it worked on native and web. I just realized it even picked up my theme color automatically. One minor issue where I had to upgrade react-native-web. But overall it's kind of the dream of "just drop it in and it works."

UI designers, help me out. Is this referred to as a popup, a toast, or a snack bar?

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