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I could make a list of Rapunzel, Anna, and Moana quotes where you couldn't tell who said which.

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Moana does have a lot of dumb jokes, though, least forgivable the birdsite one. On first watch, Raya seems to have a lot less of that, though I'll need a second viewing to be sure.

I also like how Raya doesn't have "Standard Modern Disney Princess Personality," and how there are story reasons for why.

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Moana might be the most powerful Disney movie for me. Just *thinking* about how she changes the "I am Moana of Motonui" mantra at the end of the movie is enough to make me tear up.

"All the ungulates in the wildlife preserve have escaped!"
"0 deer!"

If the new Ghostbusters is intended to be a drama, the trailer shows that perfectly. That would also be a terrible way to handle a sequel to one of the all-time great comedies. I'm hoping the film isn't like the trailer suggests. But comedy with child actors is hard.

The folks who have been at my company for a while are pretty close-knit. And Wednesday our annual hackathon begins, our first event that has a lot of folks in-person since the pandemic started. It's gonna be like the ending to a Fast and Furious movie in here 🤗

(for people who do want 🤗; we're gonna have name tag stickers so you can indicate whether or not)

Just typo'd the name Steve "Stebe" and it's such a good name it makes me wish I could write fiction.

The last day I was on Twitter was the inauguration, as I watched to see whether the white supremacist authoritarians who had been radicalized using Twitter and Facebook and had undoubtedly been planning to assassinate the new president would succeed.

Perspective on leaving Twitter that just occurred to me:

I had unfollowed a lot of people eventually I was going to unfollow all of them. I just did it all at once.

Except for Kent Beck obviously, I was never going to unfollow him.

I should probably read *Don Quixote* to understand what "tilting at windmills" means, because I'm pretty sure a lot of what I do is that.

more than happy to call these vaccines “trump vaccines” because I’ve got mine and I haven’t seen much of that dumb ass loser around, so I guess it’s working

Just realized that The Blair Witch Project could only have been shot during that short window between affordable battery powered handheld video cameras becoming available and high powered LED flashlights and cheap GPS becoming ubiquitous. This reminds me a bit of how you can figure out when a globe was produced based on the names and borders of a subset of countries

Mostly not working on it over the weekend, but I have an appointment in the morning so I'm doing a little research on App Transparency in some down time today.

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Submitting our React Native app for release and the iOS side has gone about as expected: lots of "screenshot" sizes required even though everyone puts designed images in there instead of screenshots now, then rejected because we haven't incorporated App Tracking Transparency yet (but I do support Apple's policy there). Thankfully review times do still seem very quick compared to years ago.

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