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Nope, nope, we're going there after all. Buckle up.

Me: "I don't want to work on cryptocurrency."
Biff: "What are ya, McFly…non-blockchain chicken?"

spike (n.) - research work you intend to discard and start over when done

Inadvertent spike (n.) - when you didn’t mean to discard your work but git got messed up during switching branches so you’re starting over

Just found @horse_ts and I'm probably gonna make some people angry with my retweets

My brain just responded with "I would not contribute to any OSS project that would have me as a core team member" but that's *gotta* be wrong.

I would not join any social network that would have me as a verified account.

I just hope they're still called packages and not "poots" or something.

If Entropic turns out anything like Mastodon then it'll mostly be packages about Entropic.

What emoji best represents the country/state/province you live in? I’ll take both literal answers. Georgia, US is an obvious 🍑

The Spotify ad for Georgia Aquarium is so cheerful that I keep expecting it to be interrupted with “TERMITES” and “BROOD OF TERMITES” 😄

Just found out one of our internal web apps has a 6.36 MB JS bundle and I kind of want to tweet Google Dev Rel about it just to annoy them.

To people who are on video calls with me, it probably looks like I’m drinking soft drinks all day, but I swear half of it is La Croix 😂 (I do drink soft drinks in the morning though.)

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