*mastodon.technology announces eminent shutdown within the year*

About 80% of users who have mastodon.technology accounts: "OK fiiiiiiine I'll spin up a personal mastodon instance."

I don't think that would be the typical response on most other instances 😂

BTW to avoid misunderstanding, Ash said access to M.T is shutting down no earlier than December *First*, not the 31st. Best to plan to move before end of November.

Twitter knows you took a screenshot, asks you to share instead | Ars Technica – arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/1

I would say that, fundamentally, no website should ever be able to tell if you have taken a screenshot. Any browser that is giving them that kind of information is failing in its basic duties.

@lwr82 @solarmerps is cybre.space shutting down? I'm looking for a new instance as mastodon.technology is shutting down

What are your favorite top-level domains for fedi instances? .social, .town, .cafe—what else?

@mxm I keep going back and forth and back and forth about that (in the 24 hours since the announcement). There is something really appealing about starting out with a single-user instance thru a Mastodon hosting service. That way I at least learn what financial cost and admin burden there is even for *that*, to see if I could take on other users.

Right now what I’m bikeshedding is whether to choose a domain that’s specific to me, or one that *could* be a community in the future 😅

If you want to “elicit donations”, it’s of the utmost importance to spell the first word correctly.

@chris maybe we can tell these folks not to worry, even without a Columbus Day we will still be sure to tell the history of what an asshat Columbus was

@mxm yeah that's the thread that scared me off running my own mastodon instance 😅

@brunoph put one or more K's in place of C's maybe? elektrik.cafe? 😃

@fifonetworks @WPalant is the account I follow on that instance; they may be able to let you know how it is

@fifonetworks infosec.exchange is one security-focused instances I ran across

@saramg I’m thinking about fosstodon.org, floss.social, indieweb.social, hackers.town, or cybre.space

@cuchaz I will keep an eye on your updates; I may be interested in checking out your instance!

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