BTW new fedi folks, if anyone wants to make a mastodon client, I don't think I can drive the project but maybe I can chip in

Reintroducing myself to help discoverability.

I've built software professionally since 2004. As a focus I've landed on:

Currently I'm focused on working in and , learning how to apply the above practices to them, and sharing what I learn. You can see what I've shared at

Other interests:

- removing accidental complexity
- high-level abstractions
- end-user programming.

Spending some time in the Detox testing library for the first time in a few years. I'm excited to see they've been able to hide the verbose output from lower-level testing tools and express test failures in the terms the tests were written, with test code snippets and all.

My live stream series on Building for Mobile and Web with is complete, and all the recordings are up with chapter markers! All the info here:

Now I have two apps I use daily deployed as both iOS apps and web apps, and I couldn't be happier with 'em.

Shortened my 1 pm ET stream today to just an hour, to make it easier US folks to join during a (possibly early/late) lunch. Let's do some testing together!

This week I'm adding a bonus stream time: Wednesday the 30th from 1-3 pm ET. We'll focus on improving the tests we made last time and refactoring.

Then at the usual stream time, Friday the 1st from 4-6 pm ET, we'll test-drive some more features.

On today's live stream we'll add test coverage to our feature, including demoing my current preferred approach for "end-to-end" testing RN apps. See you at 4 pm ET or catch the recording afterward!

The live stream continues today, wrapping up login and finally building our first domain feature! We're viewing saved links in our link-saving app. Reminder that this app builds to both mobile and web thanks to the magic of Expo and react-native-web. Join me at 4pm ET! Details:

The recording of Friday's live stream, with chapters, is up:

After this session I'm getting really excited about the app! Feels so cool to see it on the home screen, and I know we have barely any work left to do to get it useful for me.

Did some stream prep this morning. It looks like we'll be able to test our app on Android. Last time I tried the Android Emulator it couldn't connect to the internet, but fixed now 👍

It's been a bit delayed, but my new livestream series starts on February 25! We'll build an app for both web and mobile using the same codebase. We'll set up the visuals, responsive design, dark mode handling, and testing.

Find out more in this intro video:

Follow me here or on to get notified when the stream is starting

I shored up the docs for the responsive design library I've been working on. Check it out if you need to handle breakpoints in RN:

Here's the recording of last night's live stream. It ended up being a perfect function to TDD: too hard for me to think about the implementation in advance, each step let me solve one problem at a time.

The recording is up for my meetup talk on building for mobile and web using and . I really enjoyed this stack for building my app!

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