Finally got my last app that was having trouble upgrading, upgrading again. I was off the beaten path with a third-party test addon and a pre-1.0 UI library: removed both and upgrades work.

The challenges were okay when I was actively developing them, but now that they're in maintenance mode I just want smooth upgrades to keep them running. Sticking as close as possible to "stock" Ember is the way to go.

Heard a couple people here mention Ghost; I might need to check it out. The admin interface is !

A fix just landed to make it easier to run the new directory structure. Ember keeps getting smarter and hotter (lol I didn’t realize the pun until I typed that)

<< decorators let you configure your components and other app code in a succinct, ECMAScript-standard way. Here’s a quick set of examples/reference I put together:>>

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