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You can order online without using an app? So like, on a blog?

You can order in an app without being online? Like, show the screen at the drive thru?

Me: "CircleCI must be broken, my dependabot update PRs appeared 2 minutes ago and CircleCI runs haven't started yet."
CircleCI: "Gimme a SECOND!"

TFW u are writing an article to rate blogs on writing quality and u do this

You: "Mom, can we visit the wildlife preserve so I can see the owls?"
Mom: "We have an owl at home."

I thought I had heard there was an E3 announcement but I wasn't expecting this

Visiting a train depot museum on family vacation. I guess this is the board I belong on.

Is there a way in the Mastodon web UI to get details on a filtered post? Because it seems like there's someone I might as well just not be following 😄

Almost hid my custom My Little Pony from the video view at the meetup because Smalltalkers don't know bout ponies, but then I remembered @Gnuxie and decided to represent

You: "Well yeah my platform has some extra development friction but I can deal with it."

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