Software professional 1: "Can you help with X?"
SP2: "Yeah, I have some cycles."
My brain:

I was like "oh yeah, I work with nerds!" Then this happened. You know you work at one of the classic Mac OS development shops when:

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Ooh, this is cool. So I guess Apple Silicon Macs can run iOS apps. As of the latest version of Expo, resizing is supported, so my iOS app acts “just like” a native Mac app :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, well, this is a mitigation. Easy process to request a refund for that item through the app. Still not a good experience, but if it does come through it's better.

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It's called "YouTube" because it's the television ("tube") for the youts

Even the Pragmatic Programmers couldn't resist taking a jab at JavaScript. It demonstrates a profound ignorance of the frontend world to say that React (announced in 2015 and with an unprecedented level of adoption) won't be in use in another year.

When you need to make it through the apocalypse but you don't know what to name a variable

Watching that Keanu Reeves movie about him living in a world that isn't the real world. You know the one.

Realizing I really missed an opportunity this Christmas season to do something titled "Red+Green Refactor". Will plan for next season!

Doing big-picture architecture stuff that's not immediately actionable, like

Why do all my YouTube upload thumbnail suggestions make me look like Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme?

Just had this moment. (And don't even know why, not a stressful week, but I guess a full day yesterday?)

This is as close as the Baton Rouge Zoo capybara ever comes to me, despite the fact that I love it. My theory is that it's because it's too good for this world.

Couldn't remember if I'd had 🐊 before, so had to get it so I'll know. It was quite good!

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