Got a response to my conference talk submission. It said "Weak Accept"

Just saw "Dante" on a list of Disney characters and my brain was like

Found this note I wrote to myself three months ago. Can anyone relate?

UI designers, help me out. Is this referred to as a popup, a toast, or a snack bar?

How screwed up is this? Google is like "to continue have parental controls for YouTube, you need to give us personal information about your kids." I'm surprised this isn't illegal.

@ashfurrow FYI a few weeks ago I started getting this error occasionally when bringing my iOS client (a personal fork of Metatext) back from the background. Don't feel the need to prioritize it as it's a personal fork. But wanted to let you know.

Me: "So many companies are using MongoDB by now that it must be real professional software."

The React Twitter community is so toxic that I can just Google React issues and end up with sarcasm in my search results.

Me: "You can't over-exaggerate your clickbait title more than saying you have the holy grail"
Article on LinkedIn:

Very kind of Noel Rappin to include this quote from me in his new _Modern Front-End Development for Rails_. I mean it just as strongly as it sounds.

Me asking the person who asked if we're open to outsourcing if *they* are open to outsourcing:

theology joke 

Just remembered the term "the church invisible" and feeing like there's a Wonder Woman joke in there somewhere.

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