Holy Spam Email!

I've enjoyed the simplicity of using iCloud to host my email and it has really been wonderful for my parents but... damn their spam filter is shit. Hopefully that means they're not doing as much reading of my email as others but... that's probably naive.

@CodingItWrong Oh goody.

We came to it when they started hosting domains as it was free and because mailbox.org was super confusing for my parents (really anything was). Having this with their Apple account has been so helpful for them. Looks like I should switch anyway.

@chris I’ve had an extremely good experience with fastmail; I hear good things about protonmail too

@CodingItWrong Thanks. Might look at fastmail again. Protonmail was nice but, at the time, it required their app which was a no-go for my folks.

@chris looks like fastmail has IMAP support if that helps: fastmail.help/hc/en-us/article

I use their web interface on desktop, and their app on mobile

@CodingItWrong Yeah, I knew they did... can't remember why I didn't go with them before. Mailbox.org was pretty good too (honestly, I'll probably go back to that)

@CodingItWrong Thank you for sharing the article. I hadn't seen that on their email. Ugh.

@chris to me Apple seems to be the least icky of the big tech companies but there is still some ickiness

@CodingItWrong That's what brought me back to it but I sometimes wonder. If I went back to Google , for example,I could use more open hardware like frame.work. I really do wonder what is “better" sometimes

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