Let me present to you the next logical step beyond serverless and no-code: no-software. Do not use software; instead, go become a goat farmer.

@CodingItWrong You can't really be a serious goat farmer these days without software. But I've heard you can be a tech influencer — and that won't change very fast, because despite years of trying, nobody managed to get tech influencers to correctly use as much as pocket calculator, without hurting themselves.


Umh, I'm afraid that even becoming a goat farmer wouldn't save you from having to use software these days.
Maybe becoming a goat would.

@alexshendi1 as a gen z person would say, "using no software is the GOAT"

@CodingItWrong Imma introduce GOAT 3.0, distributed, serverless, interactive, no code, buy your share in my upcoming IGO (Initial Goat Offering) soon! It's going to the moon!

@DHeadshot @CodingItWrong emacs has already solved this with "M-x raise-goats", but you need the package from MELPA

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