Tried to read Remix's article comparing it to Next and I'm reminded of the toxicity in the React community I try to avoid. The first thing they say is encouraging people not to talk about Remix with smugness, and the second thing they say is that Remix is categorically better than Next.

I'm sorry, have you heard of the concept of different tradeoffs for different use cases? Even if they legitimately don't have a bad attitude, the communication style is stress-inducingly aggressive.

But for all the terrible things about Facebook, at least they have no incentive to care whether or you use React or React Native. That lends their communication about them a certain healthy openhandedness.

@CodingItWrong can you tell me more (or link me) about this toxicity? I’ve come to React/Native from native iOS, which is toxic in a different way…

@CodingItWrong it just gives off that "toxic positivity" vibe, where you can't compare yourself to something else without tons of qualifiers about how you like and respect their work. Those platitudes are almost self-defeating in my mind - like, why are you trying so hard to convince me you don't hate Next.js? It's the "no offense, but..." of blog posts.

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