This is important research.

"Our results show that firm-wide remote work caused the collaboration network of workers to become more static and siloed,
with fewer bridges between disparate parts. Furthermore, there was a decrease in synchronous communication and an increase
in asynchronous communication. Together, these effects may make it harder for employees to acquire and share new information across the network."

The problem with async (remote) work is how it optimises individual worker's local productivity while sacrificing team productivity and task flow.

Code review ping pong is a well-known notorious example. Not talking to people outside your close network is another.

Working at the office offers an easy solution to both, but we must not force people back there. Carefully planing the hybrid ways of working and extensively leveraging the remote collaboration tools plays a key role.

@nikoheikkila I'm always going to be in favor of remote work because with in-office, if my company is treating me poorly, my options in the US are:

1. Get lucky that there is a better company within a decent driving distance
2. Drive an extremely long way and give up a ton of my life to commute
3. Sell my house to move, which is a pain, or
4. Rent instead of sell, which is economically disadvantageous

@CodingItWrong Agreed. I wouldn't sign up for a company that has banned remote work, either.

However, bridging information gaps and preventing knowledge siloes from emerging between remote and co-located workers remains a delicate issue.


@nikoheikkila Great point. "Information gaps" reminds me of my last job, where only 1-2 team members were remote and were also contractors instead of employees, and were regularly unintentionally left out. My current employer has done much better at "remote by default" (and starting out at 50% remote helped with that)

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