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The whole season I was like "Pat is *not* a good actor" but at the end I was like "nooo it's that he's a good actor playing a messed up disturbing dude!!"

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Finished Raising Dion, that show was So. Good.

Last two episodes were really powerful.

Before I was on fedi I would make jokes about monads the FP term, but here I see we are about three levels of meta past that.

I don't want to be a jerk "I have given conference talks" guy (and I've barely given any), but when a specific topic comes up and I've given a conference talk about it I'm like "aaaah yeeeeah it's on"

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I've liked Christopher Nolan's movies, but I can't imagine giving him money after he insisted on releasing Tenet in theaters when it was unsafe to do so. The loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives is due to people with just that kind of thinking. No cool movie is worth that cost.

Signal played Facebook at their own game. They bought Instagram ads to show to people the type of info Facebook collects using the platform’s own ad tools.

Facebook didn’t like was doing this and suspended their account 😂

Read about it here:


> If we do care about privacy as a collective value, then it cannot be an
individual burden. Right now, privacy is essentially a luxury good. If you can
afford not to use coupons, you don’t have to let retailers track your shopping
habits with loyalty points. If you’re technically savvy, you don’t have to let
Gmail see all your emails. Not only does that make access to privacy incredibly
inequitable, it also affects our collective understanding of what is a “normal”
amount [...]


You: "Which of these platforms should we develop on?"
Me: "They're about equal; you can't go right with any of them."
You: "They aren't the best?"
Me: "They're the best. They just aren't good. There aren't any that are good."

Forked @metabolist's Metatext iOS client to make a copy change, then found that they already had it as a setting.

You know the one.

Me as a RN developer when I need to do something in the Android project for the first time: "I'll just open the project in Android Studio and-"
Android Studio:

Is ready player One trying to be a story about what would've happened if Steve Wozniak had kept control of Apple instead of Steve Jobs?

1986 Puma shoes that connect to your "Apple IIE, Commodore 64 or 128 or IBM PC Computer"

@CodingItWrong @rawrmonstar

nope, it's not. I spoke to evan about this and eventually vue-cli might be able to use vite, but it definitely does not replace the webpack part because there is a lot of incompatibility.

Remembering when I was about 14 I wanted to open a cafe for programmers called the Most Significant Bite

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