I think my best chance to use Linux is if I can get a relatively cheap laptop (maybe sub-$500) that is known to have great Linux support and good enough performance for basic use (web browsing, basic web app development). Can anyone recommend such a unicorn laptop?

I'm against scrum in general, but even more so for scrum applied to Data Science or research in general. If you had to do proper scrum with these things you'd have tasks like: thinking hard about this - 5 points; staring at the screen looking at charts - 8 points; redoing everything with slightly different parameters - 8 points.

Does it make sense?

I probably won't ever watch Tenet because Christopher Nolan prioritized his art over hundreds of thousands of people's lives, but if I do I'll probably watch it on a phone just to give him a tiny middle finger. I wonder if my iPhone 4 still works…

Just made a joke about Alexa threatening you like ED-209. Then I realized depending on the temperature your Nest could kill you by refusing to heat/cool your house.

But oh man I should make an "Alucrad" color scheme based on Symphony of the Night :thinkhappy:

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I have a job to do, so I open VS Code. Why do I now feel like I have two jobs to do?

My actual background in comparative interpretation of ancient texts is paying off in trying to figure out project requirements.

"What's containerization? Don't know, Dō-ckér."

(Is that a joke?)

One of the benefits of Dependabot and related tools is realizing "wait, *that* library is still in my project? I'm not using it anymore" and removing it

I just remembered that the ship name for Katniss + Peeta is KatPee.

When it's a frustrating enough day that you console yourself with "well at least I'll get the iOS update installed."

*friendly reminder for those on iOS to update to 15.3 now that it's out*

Just watched the Snyder Cut for the first time. You know a movie has a lot of plot holes when the 8-minute pitch meeting doesn't even have time to mention the biggest ones.


The reason I've stayed at BNR for 6 years is because our company values really make a difference in my daily experience: I'm around people who have a focus on deeply understanding the technologies they work with, who are kind and humble as they interact with one another, and who support each other by working hard (yet with great work/life balance boundaries). I'd love if you end up joining us.

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The consultancy I work at is hiring for more on positions with a great client project that is continuing to grow. Right now, in addition to general Rails positions, we're also looking for some folks who also have experience in event-based architectures and/or enterprise authentication architectures. Please let me know any questions you have.

(US full-time or contract only)

Job posting and application form with more info: bignerdranch.applytojob.com/ap

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