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Great news for people with huge faces

Now that I'm gluten-free, going to birthdays with my kids that serve pizza, Chick-fil-a nuggets, and cake is pretty much torture.

I love to complain about Comcast when something's wrong, but I just realized my service has been working pretty great for the past year or so 👍

The "bigint" data type was invented by a British programmer and stands for "big, isn't it?"

I love the fact that I genuinely learn things when I’m interviewing candidates. It’s easy since I’m newer to frontend than some of them, but I hope I can keep up that attitude as I get more experience.

Also I recommend an interview approach where the interviewer can learn things

Me: “I wish git would give me the change history for just part of a file.”
Me: “Oh yeah, they have that. It’s called ‘make more smaller files.’”

If you support abortion, I'd encourage you to read this and consider it. Make sure you're willing to really accept the physical reality of what it can entail. t.co/KyCTY0IMAy

Me filling out annual review: “I think I have a good ability to focus and be productive.”
Also me: “lol @kwakles124 why did you type ‘exit’ into Slack then delete it a second later?”

Been toying with the idea of doing a whole agile project LARPing where everyone stays in character. I just typed “stakeholder” so now I know it’s gotta be Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. / cc @wookiee

Just realized command-click doesn’t work for some links on the Google search results page—keep it in mind the next time a Google dev rel criticizes the way you build apps 👍

.@RonJeffries @kentbeck @marick @geepawhill @TotherAlistair @martinfowler @tottinge do any of y’all know where the term sprint “commitment” originated? It seems to me to be one of the most toxic concepts in faux agile: it’s not a guess, or estimate, but a *commitment*

Me: “The timestamp is June, it looks like maybe it’s an old version of the book.”
Also me: “Wait today is *June 2019* already!?!?” t.co/ibR2dv6nFa

(That was just for the pun; I always hate troubleshooting datetime errors) t.co/1GiFNCHrtn

Usually I don’t mind troubleshooting datetime errors but yesterday it wasn’t the right time

Just had a York Peppermint Patty followed by a bacon-flavored beef jerky; ask me nothing

.@ryanflorence what specifically do you mean by "React has almost completely solved the maintainability problem already"? Do you mean that React apps, if written correctly, don't suffer from any of the maintainability problems of software in general? That's…a big claim. t.co/Hr2XM9BcVN

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