WAIT IS THAT WHY IT'S CALLED RUST?!?! 😮😵🤯🤕 @rustlang @sgrif @mozilla @firefox t.co/lmnR40Gl1i

I'm still up for another 1/2 hour, anyone else got any JavaScript hot takes?

Once I had a dream about an iPhone whose screen was an MC Escher-ish surface

I guess we're getting closer t.co/VWoZw2FvCU

Just read @codeship’s “Preparing Trusty Build Container” as “Preparing Turkey Baster Container” so apparently it’s dinnertime 🦃

wait THAT commit isn’t the one that breaks CI????

minutest, the test framework that will forever confuse all rubyists t.co/VALb35q8Ba

Git bisecting and force-pushing to troubleshoot a CI failure

Sweet timing with my live stream! If you’re liking Ember, get a great course on using it with the backend of your choice! HT @gnfisher t.co/tgBJenh5LG

Bless me @tomdale for I have sinned. I have coveted hooks one time since my last confession.

Current status: getting React to ask Rails to render a @Formstack embed returned to me by a file called `js.php` 😯

This week on the Ember Rails stream we'll see how @jsonapi's conventions allow us to create a model with minimal boilerplate. Join me Friday at 2pm ET! t.co/r7q7om9kMg

.@jsonapi is useful, if for no other reason, in that it provides an answer to the age-old PUT vs PATCH debate

It would be simple if this was true, but in my experience sometimes the answer is "yes, we've been discussing internally, and work has started on a branch but not pushed up yet" t.co/3djlGlbqAP

I'm okay with being a prescriptivist if it lets me say *there was only supposed to be one The Cloud* t.co/OqSZoQDUrn

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