End of the day? Yup.
Not enough sleep? Yup.
Hard ticket you won’t make progress on? Most likely.

Bring it on. t.co/FoAqPJhOM4

I don’t want to call the person out, but someone I’ve seen on Twitter is including a footer in their tweets.


The name of this advertising campaign makes me so angry. Like maybe they would have boiled the frog a bit more if I had more time to get mad about “carpe now” alone. t.co/92CygxAtEr

Thank you for my live stream where I made a timely reference to Myst, tried to build NLP from scratch, and did not know the names of Pokémon games

Stream is up; we’re gonna start test-driving a complex function in JavaScript in just a few minutes. Hope you can join! t.co/5b1HeRo8eo

Me, 11:30 am: “Looks like I got all my bug tickets closed out already!”
QA dept in PST gets into office: t.co/L7YWVE9E5c

Somehow @zwaldowski is the *less* sarcastic one in the Slack thread I’m on with him and this scares me

Listening to trance this morning so hopefully I’m accidentally streaming while testing OBS and dancing in my seat

1. No test coverage added
2. console.log statements not removed
3. CSS only a first rough effort
4. Edge cases not handled
5. Indentation all over the place t.co/OftQ9ychM0

If you've ever felt like TDD tutorials are too trivial, today is the stream for you. We're gonna build something I don't even know what all features I want, let alone how we'll implement it. Incremental design at its finest! 2pm ET here: t.co/5b1HeRo8eo

There are at least *four* different ways to build @reactnative apps. Can you name them all? Lemme break down what kind of business situation might be a good fit for each type. Make sure you’ve evaluated the right one for you! Blog post: t.co/LIhw4n3NYX

.@ManningBooks really needs to have a “serial-numbers-filed-off” muppet as a mascot for their “MEAP” program

If you do Vue testing you want this book. And if you do not (yet) do Vue testing you *really* want this book t.co/SvsNKU7JR9

If you have to spend time transferrin' data from old systems, don't consider it a waste of time; it's importin'

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