Just realized that The Blair Witch Project could only have been shot during that short window between affordable battery powered handheld video cameras becoming available and high powered LED flashlights and cheap GPS becoming ubiquitous. This reminds me a bit of how you can figure out when a globe was produced based on the names and borders of a subset of countries

Mostly not working on it over the weekend, but I have an appointment in the morning so I'm doing a little research on App Transparency in some down time today.

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Submitting our React Native app for release and the iOS side has gone about as expected: lots of "screenshot" sizes required even though everyone puts designed images in there instead of screenshots now, then rejected because we haven't incorporated App Tracking Transparency yet (but I do support Apple's policy there). Thankfully review times do still seem very quick compared to years ago.

Just found one of the more honest self-portraits I've ever taken: me, reflected in the screen of one of the _five_ Surface Books that died before I could get one that worked right, taken with a Nexus 6p that _also_ died hard prematurely soon afterwards, taking the entire Nexus product line with it.

comic sans implies the existence of comic serif

still thinking about this

I opened up the Federated timeline again on the web client. Always a mistake.

β€œThe darkness and rage overwhelmed him. He ordered boneless chicken wings.”

Just because you believe you are safe, doesn’t mean you or those around you are. Wear a mask! It’s not degrading/demeaning. It may be infringing on your right to be an idiot., however. You have a right to die.

theology joke 

Just remembered the term "the church invisible" and feeing like there's a Wonder Woman joke in there somewhere.

This random rooster kept showing up in my yard today, so I set up the most Wile E Coyote-ass trap to get rid of him

I haven't watched Loki. I probably will, but I just dislike the character. Maybe subconsciously it's because of how he's handled: how many people did he get killed in the invasion of New York? But it's like "oh it's fine, he's sympathetic."

LinkedIn Learning: *recommends as first resource "Practices for Regulating Your Nervous System and Reducing Stress*
Also LinkedIn Learning: "You should set a goal of weekly learning time? How about 30 minutes? No? Really? OK maybe soon."

I wonder what’s going to happen when Libya realizes it can have bit.ly whenever it wants.

*sees brand new Bible app icon and design*
Me: "lol I should check and see if they fixed the weird 'Psalms 1' plural, surely not"
*sees 'Psalm 1'*
Me: "Oh my gosh, they finally fixed it! After all these years!"
*sees singular 'Psalm' in book list*
Me: "Oh for frig's frig"

My todo list today is like a family-size bowl of pasta. No matter how much I take out, it's still just as long.

Cunningham's Law, but "somebody told be that…and I'd like to see if it's true" to isolate yourself from blame from the wrong view.

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