Next time you have second thoughts about a premise for a project, read the premise for Bee Movie again and remember it made almost $294 million

1. New VC-backed startup enters the scene
2. People flock to it
3. They discover it’s a surveillance capitalist (and still have no clue what that is)
4. They’re shocked (because, see 3)
5. It’s too late, they’re too big and they’ve exited
6. Goto 1



"Former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is no longer co-owner of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream. Loeffler’s share has been sold to former WNBA player Renee Montgomery and two others."

Today I’ve partially (~80%) updated an app from Vue 2 to Vue 3.

Painful, because:
- Vue 3 isn’t fully documented, yet.
- The browser dev tools for Vue 3 are still in beta and buggy.
- There will be a migration tool later this year to help you with that.

So, don’t be like me: wait. :D

"You are the chosen one."
"You. The evil god wakes. Without you, he cannot be defeated."
"What must I do?"
"Ask your grandmother to come out of retirement."
"She's the ultimate warrior."
"But... Why don't you ask her?"
"She is scary!"
"She's not!"
"We chose wisely."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Me: Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack too much is making me sad because of the sad parts.
Also me: *switches to Stabbing Westward*

I'm not saying I'm obsessed with Hamilton, but I _am_ saying that the first thing in my head when I wake up in the morning or during the night is Hamilton lyrics.

Developers of login systems, if you're not going to actually implement and test "Remember Me" functionality to make sure it works, please just leave it out.

#RIPTwitter was trending for a little while last night, because Jack Dorsey thinks people will pay to read other people’s Tweets. Unfortunately, I know he's right and I know people will pay just to read someone's poorly thought out thread.

Finding out that some historians criticize the play where founding fathers are Black for historical inaccuracies is like finding out Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is criticizing superhero movies for inaccurate science.

When cooking, remember to factor in an extra 30 minutes for the time it takes to scroll through the author's life story before getting to the freakin' recipe

📚 Icebreaker Thread: What book had a meaningful impact on your career?

”TikTok is introducing Americans to a question that Europeans have struggled with for 20 years: a lot of your citizens might use an Internet platform created somewhere that doesn’t know or care about your laws or cultural attitudes and won’t turn up to a committee hearing.”

#privacy #TikTok #tech

Your biz says native apps are the way they wanna go,
Your ask them "web app plz?" but they still say no.
They say that for engagement only native apps work,
Forgetting mobile web and all the modern web perks.

You gotta fight, for your right... to P.W.A.

Reddit removes privacy options in order to """reduce confusion""".

> Simplifying Personalization Preferences: … We will no longer support the option to opt out of personalization of ads based on your Reddit activity.
> Outbound Click Preference: … so we’re removing this setting to reduce confusion
> Removing Logged Out Personalization Settings: … We’ll be removing these settings to reduce confusion.
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