I got conference goer's toe from walking too much! Single-track conferences are easier for sedentary people like me.

Related: if anyone at has any constructive feedback on my talk I would love to hear it. Introducing TDD is one of my big passions, so I want the talk to keep getting better! t.co/dQxRZf6xvb

Big thanks to @chrisvfritz for thoughtful and helpful talk feedback! Will process and get back to you 👍

Thanks to everyone who joined for my talks at ! The slides are now posted; here are the links to them and other resources:

TDD in React: t.co/J44rcfZipp
TDD in Vue: t.co/JYsIfjSdDa

Oh snap I just found out I can make it to @thegreengreek’s talk on frontend performance! I overheard her prepping and it sounds like it’s gonna be blazing.

I am seriously gonna catch so many of these @connect_js talks from different tracks on YouTube once they're posted. Too many tracks! And I like JavaScript am single-threaded

After a random test runner bug in the presentation yesterday, today it’s time to run through the presentation once and then *not touch anything*.

if @elpapapollo is getting you excited about @Cypress_io, I’ve replenished the Cypress stickers out on the table, or you can come find me to get one! 🤠🐹 t.co/nVyvOgr72b

I suppose the difference is that with non-UI code there is a clear “interface” in terms of function signatures etc. With the UI, the way it’s interacted with is through UI elements. Things get complex when humans get involved, I guess! t.co/I2uNVVYVox

Theory: your UI tests will always couple to some “implementation detail”. You find elements by either tag name, ID, class, data attribute, or text label. Any of those could be considered “implementation details;” the question is, which are least likely to change?

Siri transcribed “TDD” as “teeny bee” and that should be my new company name. 🐝

You learned React testing at my talk yesterday, now come to @elpapapollo’s and learn *effective* React testing 😁. In 5 minutes in ballroom C!

. @horse_js "I just tried using TS for realized for the first time today. Is there a workable way to" t.co/lj5ysd9FVe

"Let me just open up Tweetbot WHOA what icon is that???"

Thanks to everyone who came to my React TDD talk today at @connect_js! Looking forward to sharing it with the Vue crowd tomorrow, especially since @Cypress_io is an out-of-the-box option with Vue CLI 3 👌

.@1Password Here’s a feature idea: while tracking my logins, you could also track “You signed up for this service with your Facebook account” etc. I can’t keep track of *that* either!

“Gentlemen! You can’t speak in here. This is the speakers’ lounge!” t.co/voFTWvhLeo

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