Can't wait for the Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Pixel Remaster.

Reminder that on a survey > 50% of people said that "of course Linux is not too difficult for the average user"

Could someone remind me what that good open-source video editor is? iMovie now has a habit of hanging when I try to install it via the App Store. Literally the only thing I need is to trim starts/ends of videos.

Y'all, it's 2021, if your web site doesn't redirect to HTTPS and it's not a personal/hobby site, what are you doing?

Reminder that >50% of people chose on a survey "obviously Linux is easy enough to use for the average user."

do not put common error sounds in your music DO NOT PUT COMMON ERROR SOUNDS IN YOUR MUSIC

What's that string-similarity algorithm again? Levenstein? If it's not that it's something close to that.


AI safety solution: make an AI care about literally everything a little bit, so it can't trade off everything for marginal returns on its objective function

the result: oh god we gave the robot anxiety

Why do they call it "sum" when you want to add *all*?

TSA: "Why do you have a wrist brace?"
Me: "I injured my wrist typing."
TSA: "Typing??"
Me: "You don't understand: I hate computers."

There's so much emphasis on "sanitization" now but, we *do* know now that surface sanitization is 100% for non-Covid sicknesses, right? It's good to prevent those, especially since any symptoms are more worrying now. But—we know it doesn't help with Covid safety at all, right?

Subway sign: "contact with rails is dangerous."
Statically-typed language devs: "That's right."

I knew manual transmission demand and production were in decline, but was a little shocked that Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini had stopped using them:

A prerecorded version of my LIVE 2021 talk

"Instadeq: A Live Programming Environment for End User Data Analysis and Visualization"

If you are interested contact me and we can do a 1:1 call to get deeper/nerdier :)


Gonna have to stop commenting on YouTube videos because they aren't successfully able to filter out the pornspam anymore

There are so many "manifesto" web sites for live programming that it feels like the community *itself* is suffering from the Lisp Curse 😅

Learning that researchers and iOS developers have something in common: they don't like JavaScript 😃

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