"Therapy is 'pause on exceptions' for your brain." - @15lettermax t.co/zu1GPoaCk3

Have there been any good horror/suspense AR games made? I feel like a Slenderman one would be terrifying if played at night

U know u are at Cracker Barrel when u ask if a dish has butter and they assume u are making sure it has A LOT of butter

I didn't realize that 4,000 years ago Job was already dunking on egg whites 🤣 t.co/HLaXHsikH6

Why is it that when I add a button in Interface Builder by default it’s 14px shorter than HIG says is required?

I keep wanting to tweet about @NBCThisisUs, but everything I want to say is about That One Spoiler, so everyone who might ever want to watch it, watch season 1 soon plz

I was reminded of this because of a lesser form of this criticism: "yeah your tool seems fine for now, but if you don't switch then in a few years with big systems, you'll realize the problems."

Yeah or maybe you're overdesigning. I'll address that pain when (or if) I come to it t.co/hfMuP7HeyC

Totally subtweeting that one guy who criticized mainstream JS dev tools today (I don't want to give him more of an audience).

I'll repeat what many have said to me: if you like working in a tool and it makes you productive, use it, and don't worry about criticism.

You either delete your account a hero, or tweet long enough to become the villain

(There's probably a deep point in there about recognition of human fallibility but don't overthink it.)

Gonna change the generic error handler in my app to say "Let's be honest, a *totally* expected error occurred: …"

Homeowner year 1: "It's so cool how all the light fixtures have different specialized bulbs!"
Homeowner year 3: "the chandelier is getting frosted round 60w like everything else."

Off work sick today and just woke up from a nap. I was dreaming I was eating some *historically* bad beef lo mein.

When I build my code in Xcode, it says the build succeeded, and then 5-10 seconds later it lets me know that a type doesn’t conform to a protocol. This is the kind of untrustworthy feedback that makes me dislike IDEs.

Talking with someone about how we use too many notetaking apps and I realized that TWO of the ones I use, I custom-built 😅

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