Corebooted X220 update:
The wifi card was still the intel one which requires the blob to work. I just upgraded the Intel WiFi card with the FOSS Atheros ATH-AR5B95.
Next step, I think I will replace Arch with Parabola , but is it worth it? I don't really have any non FOSS software installed on Arch.
@fsfe @OpenSource
@intel :)

Finally got myself a nice new old laptop. X220 which I upgraded to 16GB of RAM, USB C charging, brand new battery and most importantly I externally flashed the BIOS chip with coreboot. The ME has been cleaned (as much as possible ) with the ME_Cleaner Python script and it's now, proudly running Seabios and Archlinux. 🤘 @distrotube @ArchLinux_Community @OpenSource

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Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 4 - Google and FOSS, Patent Trolls, Linux FUD, Firefox, Arch Linux

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I've got my eyes open wide to the ceiling
I'm lying on my back in the centre of a room
I've got a voice giving me a funny feeling
Its telling me the world's going to end real soon
I've got to get a job otherwise I'm unappealing
Do my little dance for the man and consume
So I let my energy build for the healing
So I can reign down with my super sonic boom

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ICYMI: The Librem 15 is back in stock!

The first 15" laptop designed to protect your digital life

- Intel Core i7 7500U
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video

More about the Librem 15:

#security #privacy #freedom #linux

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"Hey DT, Ever Used Emacs To Defeat A Superhero?" (Plus Other Questions Answered)

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