We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!


Finally concerts are allowed again and I could see live :ablobwobble: 🤘🏻

The bands One Morning Left and Blind Channel were the opening act.

I still can't share my screen on Wayland using flatpaks ☹️ does someone know how to fix it?

@omgubuntu it's about time 👌🏻
Wondering if it also has to do with the big Nvidia leak 🤔😂

The upgrade was successful without any issues ✔️
Using Wayland now with Nvidia. Everything is even faster and smoother now and I like the new look of 42.

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Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness 

- the trailers showed too much and baited us
- could have been more universes visited
- old / new / alternative characters we're introduced and then shortly after just killed which feels cheap
- is the good magic book only existing once for the whole Multiverse?
- did Wanda die?

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I've watched and here is my opinion on it:

- story is not too complex although the topic can be
- nice action & animation
- awesome use of music and sound
- has horror elements which are quite unusual for the MCU
- still love Cumberbatch's performance
- some characters could have been written better

4/5 :_gaysparkle:

Next toot will have spoilers.

When I used Mastodon years ago it supported markdown if I'm right. Is that feature *gone*? :thaenkin:

I'm really starting to like the vibe here on Mastodon :cat_uwu:
BTW @ashfurrow the instance isn't on the newest version, is it? I.e. the news page won't load in the official app. How fast are updates planned? 🤔

@Liberonscien yeah I meant native apps are preferable and obsidian only wraps their desktop client for mobile without many changes but in the end it's still a good mobile app. Only bigger complain is the longer starting time.

I think so, too! The plugin system is really nice but one can use too many and invest too much time in them easily 😅😂
Every time I compare obsidian with another app I mostly miss Dataview 🙈

@Liberonscien woah there are so many great artists 🤔
Skrillex, Vanic, Don Diablo, Fox Stevenson, modestep, Angerfist, noisia, russian village boys, knife party, miike snow, barely alive etc.

And you?

@Liberonscien even though obsidian hasn't got the best UI/UX and a native mobile app would be cooler I am still rocking it (on Desktop and mobile) and their Sync service 👌🏻
Having it on my mobile device is important when choosing an application :blobcat:

@CodingItWrong Well I think they are currently realising a RC but also UI component Frameworks have to be updated 🥴

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