Hey tooters 🐘 here's a short about me (I've had an account on this instance since 2019 but had to create a new one for the user tag):

- I've successfully completed my bachelor's degree (CS) in 2021
- now working as a Full Stack Developer since then ( )
- I like exploring, being creative and taking photos with my camera which I then publish for free
- using
- and how to take better notes is the goal
- Gaming
- & 🎶

@Liberonscien even though obsidian hasn't got the best UI/UX and a native mobile app would be cooler I am still rocking it (on Desktop and mobile) and their Sync service 👌🏻
Having it on my mobile device is important when choosing an application :blobcat:

@ChristianKrebel … Obsidian does have a mobile app? /confused

Obsidian is my preference too. The ability to use it everywhere on (almost) all of my devices with Sync really makes it great. I especially love their plugin ecosystem.

@Liberonscien yeah I meant native apps are preferable and obsidian only wraps their desktop client for mobile without many changes but in the end it's still a good mobile app. Only bigger complain is the longer starting time.

I think so, too! The plugin system is really nice but one can use too many and invest too much time in them easily 😅😂
Every time I compare obsidian with another app I mostly miss Dataview 🙈

@ChristianKrebel ah, I see what you mean.

Yeah, I used to spend more time exploring plugins than I did making notes. :/ Now I’ve streamlined things a bit. :)

Yeah, dataview is just so useful. I especially like the way that I can keep track of the creation/edit date in my notes using it. It makes it a lot easier to tell if any given note needs an update or not.

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