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OMG... Why would you ever restore a window but minimize it???

Dammit, Brave, you sick bastard.

I always like it when I get back from traveling, go to restore some browser windows and the browser just sit there and do nothing. Like, I hear you laughing @brave. Give me my tabs back and I won't replace you.

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It's called "", cause the articles are neither rare nor well done.

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I don't get it. Moving through a frictionless vacuum is the physics textbook trope of how to simplify a calculation. Collecting tracking data on the user…? A much harder task.


This is hands down, bar none the heaviest load out I’ve ever had going to . I might not have room to bring stuff back. That shit cray.

If you bump into me at and you have a website with an RSS feed, make sure I subscribe to it.

I’m bringing some video making gear in case someone wants to sit down with me and chat for a bit about what they’re working on while at .

Proud dad moment 

Max was the “Star Student” this week. He said he admires me because I work hard and still make time for him. This is my “Ashley Willis drinking from my world’s best dad mug” moment. Minus the tooting.

The pitcher system in our new fridge has to be my favorite feature. A pitcher full of filtered, cold water is incredibly handy.

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I woke up early today excited for what's to come!

It's almost like I was born on a Friday or something.

I wish I could get a MacBook Air with 32 GB of RAM.

I was playing Gran Turismo before bed last night.

I made record time to and from my doc’s office earlier today.


At next week, the best ways to reach me will iMessage, Signal, Twitter DM, Mastodon, and Slack, in that order.

I’m always up for conversations (I’m never up for sales pitches). Feel free to ping me or swing by the AWS booth.

I’ve been on a steady cadence of pain meds all day and now I’m at the point where everything is sore and hurts and I could fall asleep at any minute.

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