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What’s more important here? Teaching kids they’re faster or baseball skills?

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Julie’s the coach. I was out on third trying to keep order but their base coach is telling them to tag the runner, who is now in the outfield trying to get away before they get knocked over.

Meanwhile, our side cheers for every kid on both teams until we have to console ours then Julie can’t coach anymore.

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It’s Little League 5-6 year olds and you’re coaching your kids to run down the kids and tackling them in the process of getting the fifth out???

The away team with walk up music was something else the other day too…

My sister sends her thank you to all of your donations. In total, Dani and those affiliated with her have raised over $16K for Make a Wish Michigan.

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Live stream revenge from this morning. Come hack with us! We are wrapping up the last chapter of the book!


DevOps’ish has already kicked in $1000. Come on y’all! Let’s do it!

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$50 more and I’ll kick in the rest to get my sister Dani to $10,000 for the Walk for a Wish we’re doing. I really want to see this for her and for Lucy. Come on y’all.;jses

Trying to get back in the groove. I should be cranking out content but rebounding from life's misgivings is hard.

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Published this quick hitter this morning for new (and old) contributors

Prow and Tide for Kubernetes Contributors:

Startup CEOs and recruiters acting like building something new is more important than salary and benefits.

Y’all some boneheaded people.

Looking at Michigan weather, next week it’ll be warmer than it will be the week I’m in Spain. That week it’ll be cold. Might be coming back to a still cold Michigan. That’s gonna be interesting.

💖 I'm sponsoring rxhanson because Rectangle is the best app for window management on macOS.

Y'all, I've managed my window arrangement with three different tools over the years. Rectangle might how the most options of all those out there. I've just signed up for the Pro plan after using it for a day.

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