Proud dad moment 

Max was the “Star Student” this week. He said he admires me because I work hard and still make time for him. This is my “Ashley Willis drinking from my world’s best dad mug” moment. Minus the tooting.

People fall for this, I know they do or they wouldn't have sent it to me. We've failed as an industry in educating people about URLs, legitimacy, etc.

Looking through pictures, I’ve discovered the source of my pain. Keep in mind, the last time we were at the zoo together, this was possible. 53 lbs. on an injured shoulder, even with a lidocaine patch on, is not smart. I’m paying my stupid tax today, but Clifford (class “pet”) had a good ride.

What do you mean is more like medicine than manufacturing? Well, nowadays there’s some convergence on the peripheries. For example, my car (a Ford) AND my body BOTH need regular patching.

My sister sends her thank you to all of your donations. In total, Dani and those affiliated with her have raised over $16K for Make a Wish Michigan.

Y'all, I've managed my window arrangement with three different tools over the years. Rectangle might how the most options of all those out there. I've just signed up for the Pro plan after using it for a day.

I really, really like the Stargazer logo for the latest @kubernetesio release.

I watch the Space Station flyover every chance I get. I'm always showing Max when planets are visible.

Being tall killed my dreams of being a pilot. But, it did not damage my curiosity for beyond.

Before and after garage organization. 100% custom, 100% done in a weekend. Kinda proud of this.

Look at my Little Leaguer…. His mom is the coach too. If you see me in a shirt, this is why.

I really wish these were in a mens store and that this would be acceptable attire for people over 12.

Baby Chipbonk (as Max, and now the rest of our family, calls them).

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