Clear point for @libreoffice : giving me options on .csv export on string escapes and separation character. Unlike MS Excel, which just saves along the system-wide language preferences and undisclosed own rules on which strings need to be escaped and which not.

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@Chaos_99 @libreoffice Since MS was legally forced to support open formats in their office suite,

rhey use the so-called dark patterns to complicate the usage of open document format or in a more positive language, they make it very comfortable to save in their proprietary locked-in formats.

@Chaos_99 @libreoffice this always confuses me because it is called "Comma-Separated Values" and not "semicolon separated values"
I silently installed LibreOffice at work since MS Office asked for a license. I wonder if anyone will recognise. My I react surprised one day if my boss asks me why my "excel" looks so "strange"

@cybercow @libreoffice
I know this is disputed, but I read CSV as "character separated values" and this makes much more sense, as there are other options then just , and ;

I had a gazillion problems, mostly while working for banks, with CSV that are not _comma_-separated values because in Italy we use commas for decimal digits so Excel decides by itself to use semicolon to separate values.
But bankers didn't know... 🤦🏻‍♂️
I just want to forget.

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