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Just finished S1 of The Umbrella Academy. I very much liked it. Like if Wes Anderson was tasked to re-write X-Men as an absurd family drama. (And then sadly being denied also directing it.)
Has its fair share of plot holes and continuity errors (what do you expect with a bunch of superheros and time travel?) but I'm very much looking forward to a S2.

@dansup I'm confused about the status of Is it on 0.8.0rc1 already? The mouse-over on 'powered by pixelfed' and this list [1] tells so, but I don't see any new features, any change in UI and it's still the same old bugs. Looks nothing like the screenshots in your toots.

Does anyone of you Linux people know which user actually executes the mounts from fstab or the .mount files during startup on a systemd-Debian system? Asking for the access rights of the mount folder.

This is my yearly rant about natural gas providers all going for that "super cheap rates in the first year, then expensive if renewed" contracts forcing me to search for a new provider every year.
How many % of your customers fall into that renewal-trap? Obviously too much, or you wouldn't be able to undercut normal rates by 20%.

Stackoverflow says I'm in the top 20% of experts for C++.

This only shows how few people are left using that language.

To me with 100 followers that' s nothing. But assuming this is exponential to the follower count, I can see how this pressures people with 10k followers to constantly keep pushing content to keep these bots happy so their follower count doesn't drop.

I can't tell the difference between 'clever' bots and dumb users on IG any more. Whenever I post anything with at least 1 hashtag, I gain a dozen followers in an hour. They vanish and my follower count is back to normal in approx. 2days.

And sometimes you loose. Started this from remote without checking the printer in the first 10min. Nozzle has ripped the Kapton tape from the bed and engraved some spiralling circles into the aluminium bed. Also blocked the nozzle, either with aluminum filings or with burned up filament.
Nothing to bad. I've already fixed the nozzle (cold-pulls and cleaning with a 0.3mm drill) and I have quite some bed surface left before I have to re-do the tape.

Some printing today. Need to cut the slack for the costume. Have to print a lot of small a accessories for the suit. Pressure valve is the first one.

In other news: My wife covered for me with the child, I could get to the office for a few hours.
I'm still spending the night working.
I'm still missing the deadline.

Working remote instead of calling in child-sick spares you from sitting in a room full of other sick children at the doctor's office just to get an official confirmation.

But it also means that you spend your night working because you have no excuse for missing a deadline and of course get absolutely nothing done with the sick child around you during the day.

Home-Server update: fixed miss-configured OpenVPN tun0 interface, fixed default route, fixed local dns, fixed dhcp (to spread alternative dns), fixed nextcloud access, updated nextcloud to v15

Meanwhile, I've checked the DNS problem out and it seems the local DNS works find, it's just that it can't relay to the secondary DNS (which would be my router), because it can't reach external systems.
There was no default route present.
I've tried to add one, but it seems to have use dthe wrong device, a tun device created by OpenVPN, instead of my network card.
Need to do more research about routing configuration ....

Still having trouble with my home server and the NAS system on it. Sadly, the o-so active community behind OpenMediaVault doesn't bother answering in their forums.

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Under the new deal, any platform where the public can communicate will have to buy #uploadfilters to intercept all public communications, compare them to a database, then block anything that appears to be a match …

Seems like one of the problems with my current home server setup is that it's using itself as the DNS server. (Without backup DNS)
Don't know if this is the root of all its problems, but at least it explains why I don't get log mails anymore.
Now trying to fix this by changing the network interface configuration made it disappear from the network all together. <Sigh> Down to the basement then.

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