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Auch für den #36C3 habe ich wieder ein Ticket übrig und verschenke es - traditionsgemäß und in Übereinstimmung mit der Prophezeiung - an ein Mädchen, das mir glaubhaft machen kann, dass es sich den Besuch sonst nicht leisten könnte ☝️🤓

Did a lot of practice and testing today. Major issue is still the limited lean angle do to not enough ground clearance at the ends. This makes it impossible to ride uphill or clear small uphill steps.
Going downhill on the other hand works perfect. Breaking and maintaining speed is easy.
It works very well on asphalt and smooth pavement. Cobblestones and gravel not so much, mainly because you need extra clearance and are again like in lean angle.
I …

Turns out driving the ownwheel is really fun. Just spend a few minutes during lunchbreak in the parking lot with it.

One of our suppliers is donating to an Urang Utan fund on Borneo for every click on his website.
I've personally visited the orang utans some years ago and ... welll ... at least they are getting my click. Anyone join in?

Went to work with my 'Ownwheel' for the first time.
(Although from the carpark to the door only so far.)
This is not SF, so the looks aren't 'Wow, cool." but more like "Now he's completly lost his mind.".
But well, as long as it's fun ....

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Hey I was sadly too late with accommodation planning for #36c3 so I have have a ticket to sell. Does anyone know someone that's interested?

Well, I'd say it works. End with just a bit of training I can even stay on.
The lack of clearance on the front end is clearly a problem uphill.
I can't shorten the board anymore with the current electronics. I just need the space. At some point I have to dig into how to change the software.

I kind of mastered the art of getting on the board without holding myself on to anything. Maybe not always on the first try though.
Already my feet hurt like on the first day of snowboarding after a year of absence.
I'm feeling confident driving forward downhill. Backwards is ok-ish, but turns are hard. Uphill I have not much clearance of the front end of the board to the ground. So I'm very careful and only go very slow.
I don't feel se…

As a proof-of-concept, it works quite well already. I cheated and used a small stand to start it. Without tapping into the software I won't be able to make getting on and off any easier. The tyre is thinner than the original, so it needs more balance to ride and turn. Although this is refined from its previous state a bit (trim the ends of the board and did some cable management), I'm still stuck with the basic problem of the tyre not holding enough…

I've alread fallen to the

- surf web aimlessly
- "I need to get up and do something"
- get a snack
- return to computer


Trying to book ski training for the 5yo. Spent 2h arguing about where and how long, prices, equipment, etc.

Turns out: they probably won't have snow during our vacation....

So I'm without a car this weekend and I need to get some places in the city with a little more stuff than fits on a bike or is comfortable carrying in a bus/tram.

How do non-automotive people handle that?

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Der harte Konflikt des Marketings mit der Realität: Die Versprechen, was 5G werden soll und was es voraussichtlich sein wird, klaffen weit auseinander. Warum 5G nicht das bessere Wi-Fi ist

I'm feeling so unwell in the evenings lately that I haven't even had a look into the workshop since more than a week.
I'll hope this changes soon...

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Door #3: Dahala Khagrabari was the only third-order enclave in the world.

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Door #2: Illegal prime numbers – they can circumvent DVD copy protection!

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Door #1: The Staten Island Ferry Disaster – a horrible accident very few people know about.

So son#1 has a test-day at his new school (that he will hopefully join next year).
Hell, are his parents more nervous than he is.

We are doing pearls again. Son's way more creative than me. He's coloring his dragon as he goes along, I'm of course using something to copy from. Also: not enough black ...

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