Thanks to everyone. Had a good time.
See you all next week ...

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✨ Feedback wanted!

Composing a new post on :pixelfed: is a core feature and could use some improvements.

We're building a new compose experience and want your feedback! Let us know how we can improve our current compose experience, and any features you'd like to see.

➡️ Boosts greatly appreciated! #pixelfed

video games 

I'm still enjoying Dead Cells, but once I reach the boss once, this will probably be the end for me. If it gets any harder, I'm out. Especially using the shield to parry with multiple enemies puts me under stress instead of being fun. If the difficult level takes away the possibility of overpowered offense builds, I'll probably have to let it go.

Son#1 forgot his e-reader this morning and had a breakdown in the car to school, because he "doesn't have friends to play with".
That is so heartbreaking as a dad that you just can't help that poor soul, even if YOU know everything will get better and he will eventually be able to chose his friends among more than 20 kids of whom the girls despise the boys and the boys despise anyone who doesn't hate girls and roles in the mud catching a ball with them.
Actually, it doesn't even make YOU feel better.

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Heute: Python-Stammtisch um 21 Uhr
Diese offene Runde auf BigBlueButton findet zusätzlich zum Python-Kurs statt (alle 2 Wochen). Mehr im Blogbeitrag
#Python #Erfurt

The python course was well received, this week we do an open meet-up. Join us tomorrow, Tue 21:00.
Der Python-Kurs wurde sehr gut angenommen. Diese Woche gibt es stattdessen einen offenen Python-Stammtisch. Schaut vorbei, morgen, Die, 21:00.

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Mad respect for this school headmaster who forked a @matrix client to use in his primary(!) school.

(arcticle in German)

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🐜 💰 Ethical hackers: come and find bugs in CryptPad!

We have been selected for the European Commission's bug bounty program, running on the Intigriti platform.

More info:

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Actually it’s a great visualization of the internal workings of pretty much every IT system. (But don’t tell anyone…)


Watching people using your product.


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Wir haben neulich Schnelltests gekauft und erst später festgestellt, dass deren Erkennungsraten extrem niedrig sind. Darüber haben wir uns so sehr geärgert, dass wir eine praktische Einkaufshilfe gebaut haben:

I'm becoming more and more depressed about the fact that what I like to do is always learn new stuff, while what all employers want from me is to stick to one thing and do that for eternity.

There is always so much to learn and try ..... especially when you actually have work to do.

I'm near procrastination-temptation-resignation

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"We like to torment object-oriented programmers by making all the fields final; when we’ve knocked them off balance, we complete the job by putting all the code in the constructor. When they’ve recovered somewhat, we use a static method instead of a class. Because that’s how we roll. (As a last resort, we put a crocodile in their swimming pool.)"

Went snowboarding yesterday. A first since.....well.....more than 8 years since we had kids.
It's still fun, aspecially as I can show it to my eldest now.

But boy does it hurt the day after ....

Kind reminder: Local Hackspace's Python course, lead by me, with it's first iteration today via BigBlieButton. Details at

Boring background knowledge and "hello world" examples. You have been warned...

Company has "not easily offended", 'can stand being made fun of (in good faith) by coworkers' and 'maybe enjoys making fun of coworkers too' in their job description.


Old may cut steel with no problem, but might be worn out and terrible to maintain (and transport in the first place). New ones are much lighter, come with more electronics and bells and whistles, but may only handle aluminium well.

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Looking to buy a mill or lathe for the makerspace. Still can't decide if better to get (very) old and heavy pure manual industrial one or new, but hobby-style Asia-import. New might enable is too get some official funding and go for a 5k price range, old and used is crowd funding only up to maybe 2.5k.
Has anyone experience in this price range and can share some wisdom?

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