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Excited to announce the next & blinry project: ✨ The Everything Exhibition ✨, a generator that creates virtual 3D exhibitions for any topic, based on open data. Supported by the!

Tell us your wishes or become a beta tester:

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What if you could inspect your software and modify it, in the same environment it runs in? I did some research into two systems that allow you to do just that: and . Check it out to learn more about how they work and how we could make more systems like this in the future.

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Seemingly, with @pixelfed and the @Tusky app, if you add a CW to a post, it will only hide the image, not the text, and not even display the cw description. Even when later viewed with @fedilab on a mastodon account.
Did I do something wrong?

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Beyond Photos.

While photo sharing remains our main focus, we are exploring new ways to share on our platform.

Our next release (this Friday) will contain Groups, Polls and Text Posts!

#pixelfed #fediverse #activitypub

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Just set a new personal record today for northern most point I have taken a swim in open water. N 68° 33.782' on Norway's Lofoten coast beats the former record of Islands northern coast and Scotland's outer Hebrides before that.
If I could have managed a single degree more north, I could have claimed swimming in the Arctic ocean. Maybe next time...

Technically I am one now, but still I don't get 'campers' (caravan or motor home, not the tent folks). They basically deem any site that doesn't have power hookup as invalid (for what? Fridge/heating runs on gas, LEDs run forever on batteries, solar is cheap).
But sites with a washing machine are rare and they have machines that only take 2 days worth of laundry from a family and take 3h+ to finish it to a still damp state.
We basically have to plan our route along washing possibilities.

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Unsere Schule ist vom Hochwasser schwer getroffen worden.

Wir betrieben einen eigenen Server mit Matrix, Nextcloud und Peertube mit Hilfe von @milan

Der Server ist weg. Wir haben einen Ersatzserver besorgt, @milan richtet ihn für uns ein. Für die Kosten könnt ihr hier spenden:

Förderverein Hermannschule
VR Bank eG Würselen
BLZ 39162980
Kto 7318259016

Verwendungszweck: Wiederaufbau Server

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Saw some "news" that researchers found that people who took a full bath at least 3 times a week lived longer and healthier.

Well, I'd say if I could take a bath more than 3 times a week I a) don't need to think about money and b) have no kids. That surely would give me a longer and healthier live, but I don't think the bath is what makes the difference here...

Just noticed a fun bit of biking psychology on myself.
I tend to set the front gear to how fast I LIKE to go and the rear gear to accommodate for how fast I actually CAN go.
Which means by the end of the trip, I always end up crossing the chain from largest chainring in front to largest sprocket in the bag until my bike aches.

So my Dad's Gramin wants to pull a 9GB map update through a ~700KB/s rural long-range wifi internet connection and it doesn't support neither pause nor resume nor can I download it before as a file.
And of course the update tool crashes as soon as there is the slightest hickup in the connection.

So passports for children went from 6+6 years of validity (with updates and extension) to 1 year max in Germany.
That's not only inconvenient and expensive, to me it also smells like a move to make live for immigrants and 'new' residents just another bit harder and easier to control.

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Took a trip to the brand new skate park in town today. Was massively crowded. Would have been the oldest. And the only one with pads. And even one of the few with helmets.
So I chickened out and did not skate. I'm not proud of it.
In other news: my son was the youngest. Wears pads and helmet with pride. Did his thing, did not give up even after hitting the concrete a few times. I'm massively proud of him.

mobile gaming 

So I now finally own a phone that is able to play Minecraft Earth.
Appropriately, the game will shut down in 2 days because Microsoft has given up on it.

Good for my time budget I guess.

Can someone recommend an alternative pdf viewer for Windows? Preferably FOSS? Ideally with the ability to write onto a pdf and save the combined document?
Adobe switched to a 'you need to restart after the update' policy blocking me from opening documents until said restart which annoys the hell out of me.

I'm very tempted to leave Instagram behind during the phone migration. Mastodon + Pixelfed should be enough. Might serve me well for less procrastination too.

Moved from Motorola to Pixel 4A after crushing the display (again).
Migrating between phones is not getting any easier with all those 2FA Apps. A common, file-based backup-format that is understood between manufacturers, providers, and Android-versions would really help.

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Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here:


#irc #liberachat

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