Kitaträger beschliesst: Risikogebiet ist, was auf einer RKI-Liste steht. Da die keine Liste für innerdeutsche Gebiete haben: Gibt es keine innerdeutschen Risikogebiete.

covid19, germany 

Laut RKI gab es in den letzten 14 Tagen ca 67k positive Fälle in D. Meine Covid19 Warn-App hat mir 222 Pakete zur Überprüfung geschickt. Die App-Durchsetzung bei den Erkrankten ist also sportliche 0.32%. Way to go...

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The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

#pixelfed #app #iOS #android

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Someone created a list of the recent times people used AI in evil ways. Remember the people who deployed this technology are to blame not the algorithms.

Is there a fediverse service that allows writing blog-like articles and has server-synced drafts?
I tried friendica and looked at writefreely, but both don't have that feature.

When you panic as your laptop makes strange clicking noises.

But then realize you don't have a spinning HDD any more.

And you kid left Minecraft open in the background.

Also checked the 'stories' feature of . Works, but the feature set of is still lacking (text without background color on images? Doesn't really work.) Also, as stories are followers-only on pixelfed, I could find any story from someone else to try the UI.

Just tried to log into again with . Works, but still has lot of error messages popping up when you move around the features.

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Hey! At Localistico we're looking for a (1) Senior Python dev and (2) a mostly Ruby dev who's comfortable switching to other languages such as Python or even JavaScript for the Solution Engineering team. I'm in this team 🙂

Remote, but max 3h time zone diff from London.

I've written Php again.

I told you to stop me last time.

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Kick-off for Hacktoberfest:

Unfortunately people seem to spam projects with invalid PRs a lot this year: 😒

Can't Ipads show shared Google documents? I'm constantly getting complains from one guy who is not able to see my shared Google doc set to "Anyone with the link can edit". It works for others even without a Google Account. Seems the Ipad is the only difference.

And anything else available or soon-to-be available is an SUV. Model Y, ID.4, Kona. But I hate SUVs. They are too large in all the wrong aspects. Why can't at least one manufacture offer a station wagon or an MPV?

Was seriously considering buying a ID.3 to switch to electric. But the dealer told me there is no way to get our bikes onto it. Not on the back, not on the roof, definitely not in the trunk.
Sadly, that's no-go for our family then.

Is there a special word for not daring to reboot a server after major updates because only 98% will come up nicely again and that 2% could really be a pita if you lose remote access?

Just put a new php7.4 under a Gitlab install running with 7.2.
And updated postgresql from 9.3 to 11 from under a Nextcloud install.
Both pretended to be up-to-date with no problems, but both would have been unsupported in the NEXT update.

I usually don't like point-releases that force me to delete my old stuff and re-install from scratch.
But rolling release that just pretend to be up-to-date but leave all old dependencies on the system to slowly rot away are no fun either.

Oh, it's `systemctl restart nginx` time again, because the LetsEnrypt certificates got renewed, but somehow it seems to be no problem at all that nginx doesn't serve the new ones automatically...

Just lost our first grade class teacher 3 days before the start of the school year.
Any native English speaker with matching qualification want to teach German kids on very short notice?

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