Moving your entire issue database to another repo is sometimes unavoidable in large projects.

Announcing this with an automated comment in each ticket is an obvious, if a bit annoying solution.

But not including the link to the new ticket in that comment is just a big "f*ck you" to the user base.

I'm looking at you, GitLab....

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Wollt ihr euch diesen Sommer ein bisschen Festivalfeeling nach Hause holen? und ich haben da was für euch! :D

So @signalapp is being hated now by normal folks because even short PINs are annoying (and long passwords unacceptable) and by security-nerds because short PINs are insecure if not combined with the SVX technology which itself has debatable security implications. Catch-22

One of my probably very weird and unfounded problems with password managers is that I trust an copy via unsecured (but cleared afterwards) clipboard entry more than letting my browser directly talk to the pw manager by opening a local webserver, even if the communication is authenticated and encrypted.

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Dear automotive industry: I'm ready to buy an EV. I need 4 doors, enough space in the back for child seats and a trunk big enough for a full grocery-trip or occasionally the kids' bikes. Preferably in the price range that was my previous one (~21k), or at least when including 5y of fuel savings.
Could you please hurry up and offer smth?

Another ad from VW: a AR-App to experience the new ID.3 interior.
"... shows a close-to-production prototype".

When the real deal should be available since last year.

But isn't until even now.

Because of software problems.

Oh the levels of irony.

So VW is sending adverts that they give 16% discount on new cars.

Except their new electric cars.

Yeah. Sure.
That's the right message.

Me: taps screen
Phone: ignores tap, rotates screen
Me: turns phone back'n'forth, rotates back, taps screen
Phone: ignores tap, locks screen 'cause of inactivety
Me: ....

Woher bekommt man eigentlich diese "ärztliche Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung" die man laut Gesetz nach JEGLICHEN Erkältungssymptomen zum Besuch einer Kita/Schule braucht?
Lesen hier (Kinder-)Ärzte mit? Wird sowas überhaupt ausgestellt?

Jetzt hat man Leute in der Timeline, die keine Tests trotz klarer Covid19-Symptome bekommen und die, deren Kinder negative Tests vorweisen müssen, weil sie bloß wg. Schnupfen aus der Schule geflogen sind. Verrückt!

This excellent article sums up everything I already feared about the new Last of Us 2 game and which more and more makes me not want to buy or play it.

Listening to 90s hardcore breakbeat techno again and it feels like I can now procrastinate at twice the speed...

I somehow got myself into a THIRD major project. A friend modified a Bobby Car childs toy into a mini-racer capable of propelling adults up to 40km/h.
We found a few guys from work to join us in building a very small racing league with it and he prepared instructions of how to build our own.
So I acquired a vehicle base in the best racing colour ever and started changing the rear suspension to take yet another pair of hoverboard motors.

Got some supplies today to hopefully transform my prototype 'OwnWheel' into something lighter and more durable. Still missing the deck, mounting the axles will be challenging and I still have to solve some issues with the foot switches, but it's going forward at least.

Ausreden der Kita-Erzieher*innen, um bei gewaltätigen Konflikten nicht einzugreifen: "Fragen Sie den Papa, das war bei ihm bestimmt auch schon so.", "Das bereitet sie auf den Schulhof vor.", "Mädchen machen das halt mit Blicken, die Jungs mit den Fäusten." Ich könnt kotzen.

Mal so zum Weltfahrradtag: Dinge die am Radfahren doof sind: Ich muss mich vorher umziehen und mit Sonnenschutz eincremen. Ich muss hinterher Duschen. Ich kann nur minimal Gepäck mitnehmen (+Helm,Schloss,Wechselsachen mitnehmen). Ich muss vorher aufs Wetter schauen.

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Irgendwie ist so ein Tool das man als Student total feiert und voll gut darin wird es zu benutzen ... und sobald man in "der echten Welt" ankommt, braucht man es nicht mehr.

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