Had to review my employers pension fund regulations and I'm still always baffled that their main (only?) reason to exist is the "Don't pay taxes now, pay them in 30 years!" claim.
Why? The tax rate won't be lower then. They might be right that my income will be lower so I have to pay a lower rate, but that's not by choice. I'm pretty sure I'll need (and want) the same amount of income when I'm old. It's a sad fact that I won't get that, but if it would be equal, there'd be no reason for them to exist.

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Life-hack of the day: If your hardware store does not sell proper garden sieves and the chicken wire fence is to expensive to build you own, just go for children's bicycle baskets. They fit nicely into/onto a big bucket and work fine to sieve out those big stones.
Much better size than those construction-site throw-through sieves or even a rolling sieve.
And beats the children's sand toy sieve in durability.

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⚠️ 🚧 ❗
If you run a pixelfed instance, please update ASAP.
⚠️ 🚧 ❗

The earlier you update the better, some major refactors and new features will be released in the next few days.

Running the post-deployment commands are essential after every update docs.pixelfed.org/master/deplo

(Boosts appreciated 😁)


So I'm officially a "Senior Engineer" now.
Which is good, probably, and I like the new tasks that come with it,
but ...
it also makes me feel older. :(

I've just deleted my twitter app.
But it's a time-management thing, not a protest-thing.
But if you are waiting for a reply, try mastodon instead.

We are now using a shared family-todo-list. It works great.

That is, it shrinks by one and grows by three entries each day.

Bought and built up some new furniture lately. Although Swedish, this is not from the big four-letter store as our furniture usually is.
And boy, am I spoiled by the quality that I usually get. Although the actual wood content may es well be non-existent on the yellow-blue store's offerings, but at least there paper origami is highly functional and they have an impeccable quality control and by now a nearly perfect take on design for ease of buildin…

Company gitlab server shows note that it will only accept files <100MB due to bad performance.
Not sure if Aprils fool joke or not ...

I'm curious. What's the price point if you actually let the dealers workshop fix a broken lamp. (This one was ~80cents)


Glücklicherweise keine Eier beschädigt (weil keine drin) und alles vollständig \o/

Mal sehen wie es den Eiern diesmal geht. @HelloFreshDE@twitter.com

Anyone knows how to debug an Electron app on linux? Like: Nothing happens when I start it, but I can launch into a (node?) shell if I execute the binary without any parameters.
And: no, I don't have dev tools installed.

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