Was looking into and then found that most of the code was written by a extreme right psycho. Would have been a great option for moving forward in web technologies, but if you are just as bonkers and racist as the corporate entities. I don’t wanna be apart of that new web either.

The first 80% of a project is the best part. The last 20% just won’t get done.
I guess I should just always ship it at 80%

I’m often annoyed by the boredom that leads me to eating random food from the kitchen.

Coming out of some pretty hard it’s helpful to write in a language I don’t use at work. The curse seems to be lifting!

Apps like aave.com are so wonderful to show folks a way against capitalism.

The excitement of a new project has been missing from my life for too long. I’ll be sitting down to solve one of my common problems or pain points. Let’s see what comes out of my brain hole!!!

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might fuck around and start worshipping ba'al

I find that lately I’m all out of energy to work on anything but the bare minimum… this is not me. I must find my path back.

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lgbt stands for 

leenage gutant binja turtles

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"If Rust is to meet its goals of improving security, stability, and quality Android-wide, we need to be able to use Rust anywhere in the codebase that native code is required."

Sounds like Rust is about to be used "Android-wide", "everywhere in the codebase" in :android:

@aral what are your thoughts on defi? Seems like it would be a space you would enjoy.

does anyone know of a good defi resource? i'm interested in yield farming and i can't really find shit on it.

Does anyone have any experience with large multi-home mesh networks? Looking to blanket a small portion of my city with free internet.

My son Loki is teething and he’s hardly sleeping. Which means I’m hardly sleeping. Which means I’m undead now and I am working on becoming a lich technomancer.

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