Even though it's a single point of failure the appearance of LetsEncrypt has been an important factor in the re-decentralization of the web.

I first started running gnusocial some time in 2015. I would have started earlier but I only had a single TLS certificate to be used sparingly and didn't particularly want to run it unencrypted, given firesheep and all that. Self-signed certs were also an annoyance since they tended to produce a lot of browser warnings.

The cost and complexity of obtaining CA certificates was a limiting factor before LetsEncrypt.

js meta 

i try to write client-only or server-only tech, preferring client-only when i can so that user data always stays with the user and i can foist all my bandwidth problems onto some unlucky static host. for ex, a diary app can store your data in your browser. there’s no reason, ever, to send your diary entries over the wire, or for anyone to track your use of your diary.

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js meta 

it frustrates me when server apps use client-side js just for trackers and modals. you don’t need either of those things, and chances are the addition of client-side js means you just broke your page for everyone without js. you don’t need it.

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A script that signs up to new facebook accounts, then deletes them later just to run up the negative numbers to make SSV go down.

"you wouldn't download a" trivia (cw: sketchy business practices) 


Hollywood-funded anti-piracy association Brein, the people who made the "you wouldn't download a car" ad, tried to stiff Melchior Rietveldt, the musician who composed the music for it, out of the vast bulk of his royalties. They told him the ad would only be shown at a local film festival, then stuck the ad on a bunch of DVDs and acted like they had full right to.

So, like, if you're ever wondering if anti-piracy capitalists hate piracy? The answer is "no". They'll steal and lie seven days a week and twice on Sundays. They just hate seeing people enjoy media without paying them.

pol musings 

growing up has been one long string of "fucking seriously? How do people not get this, I and all my friends understood it perfectly when we were six"

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Hi. What are you doing later? Wanna help me ruin my life?

@rubot and in the wisecrack words of the Principia Discordia, "Reality is the original Rorschach."

Verily! So much for all that.

"I have grown too weak to keep the madness from taking me. There is a certain irony to it, for the madness gives me strength."

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A Malay taxi driver once told me that when Kuala Lumpur was built up, they cleared the jungle and created a city with no trees. It wasn't a pleasant place. And with buildings now so close together, planting trees would risk damaging them.

In a fit of enlightened government madness, they took out insurance to cover that eventuality and replanted the streets with trees. They paved sidewalks with prism tiles that shift as roots slither under. It's now green again!


Here's the thing with Windows:

If my Linux machine is broken, it's probably because I fucked up.

If my Windows machine is broken, it's probably because Microsoft fucked up.

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