@Bzdata Blot.im looks pretty cool; I'm going to have to keep it in mind.

@Matthias1 probably the easiest CMS. Great if you’re a Markdown type of writer

@Bzdata I'm using Jekyll on Github.io right now; because I'm comfortable with the small amount of code required to set it up. It supports markdown well and is free. But I also tried Micro.blog and Blogger and a couple others and I didn't like them as much.

@Matthias1 I actually moved away from Jekyll. I wanted something that’s easily portable through my notes and random things in my editor. I found blot while exploring DevTo platform.

@Bzdata Writing book summaries is something I should do again... I don't know why, but I should.

@hinterwaeldler before the inter webs, my parents thought a review from a kid for children’s books would be a hit. Rated in smiley faces (pre emoji of course)!

I’m pursing article and collection reviews first before going back to the book reviews. But I’ll still keep the emojis!

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